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Checklist for Catholic Employers Seeking Catholic Talent

Checklist for Catholic Employers Seeking Catholic Talent

We all want to work for a company that has the same values as us. As an employer, it is important you are clear about your mission and vision so candidates can find meaning in their job. 

As a Catholic employer, how can you be successful in attracting and retaining talented individuals? Here are three tips for attracting mission-driven talent!

1. Make sure that you articulate your overall vision clearly because this will give the employees something they care about, which makes them happier at work.

2. Make sure current pay scales are comparable with secular counterparts so there's no money-driven incentive to leave for another company or get dissatisfied over time.

3. As Catholic principles are grounded on family values such as prayerfulness and charity towards others (elders), it would also behoove employers to embody these same virtues by being kindhearted when working with their staff members who have developed skills through hard work providing guidance along.