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Jobs for Catholic Teachers

A Catholic school teacher helps young children develop social skills and positive learning habits in an enthusiastic, stimulating, and positive classroom environment. This can be a rewarding career, as Catholic educators help foster the social and intellectual development of their students. Since most K-6 teachers provide instruction in all subjects, they typically lead a single class of children through the school day. Many Catholic school lesson plans are activity-based, though some teachers will supplement learning with more formal lessons to prepare children for later education. In addition to planning instruction and supporting activities, teachers in elementary schools interact frequently with students’ parents and guardians with progress reports, teacher meetings, and other communication. Elementary school teachers also participate in continuing professional education on a regular basis to keep skills current and discuss new ideas to utilize in classroom learning.

Catholic School Principal Job Description

A Catholic school Principal forms the head of the administrative team within a school and is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the institution. They coordinate staff schedules, oversee the development of curriculum and enforce school policies relating to themes like discipline or safety. The Catholic Principal also coordinates staff training days and works directly with students who need help meeting or setting goals. The Principal also serves as the direct liaison between the school and the school board and is responsible for ensuring that the school operates according to school board protocols.

Catholic School Administrator

A Catholic school administrator needs to be a leader, organized, and committed to the job. A Catholic school administrator may be responsible for setting a curriculum, organizing professional development, creating master schedules, observing and mentoring staff, as well as completing office or clerical tasks as needed.

Latest Jobs

May 26, 2023  
Position : Administrative Assistant to Director of Religious Education   Summary : The Administrative Assistant to the Director of Religious Education works collaboratively with the Director and Assistant Director of Religious Education regarding the administration and operation of the St. Mary Roman Catholic Church Religious Education Program.  Looking for someone who is committed, coachable and aware.   Reports to : The Director of Religious Education   Classification : Part-time   Work Schedule :  The position requires 20-25 hours per week. The Religious Education Administrative Assistant is available for Sacramental events, special events tied to the Office of Religious Education, and other demands as they occur. Qualifications : Commitment to personal faith and the Church Evidence of a strong background in clerical work Evidence – work history  Strong planning/organizational/problem...
St. Mary Religious Education Mokena, IL, USA Part time

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