ICA Cristo Rey

ICA Cristo Rey Academy is a Dominican Catholic college preparatory that empowers girls from underserved communities to become confident young women able to realize their full potential. By providing an excellent academic curriculum, a unique corporate work study experience and the support of our spiritual community, we prepare students for a life of faith, purpose, and service.
A quality education and strong moral foundation are necessary to succeed in today's challenging and complex world.
ICA Cristo Rey Academy is a vibrant college preparatory that transforms girls into confident young women empowered to realize their full potential; intellectually, professionally, and spiritually.
With a supportive network of dedicated educators and corporate mentors, ICA Cristo Rey delivers a unique learning experience incorporating 136 years of Dominican Catholic traditions, academic rigor, and a distinctive work study program. ICA Cristo Rey is a sisterhood like no other.

As a college preparatory school, ICA Cristo Rey promotes an academically stimulating and challenging learning environment. The curriculum is designed to place emphasis on the development of those skills and strengths that will be necessary for success in college and beyond. We have high expectations for all students and a support structure in place to ensure that each student can meet these expectations.

The faculty works closely with each student and helps her develop a skill set that focuses on creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.

The ultimate outcome of an ICA Cristo Rey education is that all of our students graduate from both high school and college. During their four high school years, our students gain a deep understanding of both themselves and the world around them. They will be prepared to think and act independently and graduate with a sense of responsibility to work for justice in our world and live a life of faith, integrity, and service.

It is the goal of the faculty, administration and staff of ICA Cristo Rey, working closely with the families of our students, to foster in our students by the time of their graduation an understanding of and an ongoing commitment to these core values of our school community -- to be women of prayer, study, community and service.