Marin Catholic

Sponsored by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Marin Catholic is a Roman Catholic college preparatory school serving young men and women since 1949. Consistent with Gospel values, the school is committed to the education of the whole person. As a community that values faith, knowledge, and service, Marin Catholic provides students with a spiritual, academic, and extra-curricular environment. Students are expected, through their experiences in the classroom and as active members of the school community, to develop attributes including personal responsibility, social responsibility, critical ability, and appreciation for the complexity of the world. In partnership with parents,  Marin Catholic hopes to instill in its students the confidence that will empower them, as informed and compassionate individuals, to effect positive change in our world. In conjunction with its families, Marin Catholic is committed to fostering learning as a lifelong process.

Drawing from four Bay Area counties, Marin Catholic has a diverse student population of nearly 800 students. The student body comes from over 40 parochial, private and public elementary and junior high schools. Students are drawn from a broad area-wide spectrum of social, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. Approximately 65% of the student body is Catholic and 35% is comprised of students of other faiths, representing several Christian and non-Christian religions.

Marin Catholic has a vibrant spiritual life on and off campus. In addition to offering daily Mass, students participate in the ten all-school liturgies or Masses each year. The Campus Ministry Department offers students a chance for numerous leadership opportunities and guides students in the completion of their Christian Service outreach hours. A core team of students assists the Campus Ministry team in the planning and implementation of every student retreat. Some of these trained leaders have also assisted in confirmation retreats and have reached out to the greater community. 

The Marin Catholic curriculum is designed to provide a challenging, college preparatory experience for all students. Along with the development and enhancement of essential skills, the required course of study encourages exploration and self-evaluation. Marin Catholic offers thirty-seven Honors and AP-level classes as part of a rigorous academic program, qualifying students for admission to the most competitive colleges and universities.

The administrators, faculty, and staff of Marin Catholic work hard to maintain a dynamic, student-centered environment, one that affords our young men and women every opportunity to achieve excellence. The administration is led by Tim Navone, President, and Chris Valdez, Principal. Together they have created a focused and passionate team that is dedicated to delivering on the mission of the school every day.