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Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc  (TTS) is a Catholic all girls teen and young adult residential treatment center that gives troubled youth a new beginning. Our form of therapy is based on Behavior Modification, using animal therapy, experiential education, religious education and vocational training to increase self-esteem, self-motivation, self-discipline and proper coping mechanisms to the troubled teen.


Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. (TTS) is an at-risk girls', Catholic-based, therapeutic residential program. Our form of therapy is based on Christian Counseling, using animal therapy, experiential education, religious education, outdoor behavioral health individual, group and family therapy with emphasis is a multitude of therapeutic approaches like; DBT, EMDR, REBT, CBT, MRT, and cognitive restructuring, just to name a few.

TTS is located in a remote breathtaking ranch at the base of the Beartooth Mountain Range. Our Catholic residential treatment center for struggling teens is dedicated to helping young women of all Christian denominations through an education in fundamental Christian principles and virtue formation.

Endeavoring to educate the mind, strengthen the body, and elevate the spirit, each young woman that comes to TTS is seen as unique, precious, and unrepeatable. By placing emphasis on Christian moral principles, these young women are challenged to develop a new perspective on life. Healing begins when she can recognize that life is sacred, and they can help to make it so by discovering their God-given talents in His wonderful creation. Through a strong emotional growth program and active participation in experiential education, academics, chores and caring for animals, all while living in cozy country cabins, young women develop a new sense of self-worth, dignity, a positive work ethic, a sense of responsibility, and practical life skills.

Trinity's Mission: To assist each young woman to find who they are in the eyes of God. To restore their dignity and love of self, reunite them to their families and redirect their focus by providing God-centered help for the troubled teen girls.
The primary goal for caring for these wounded souls is to heal and restore the troubled child into the person God created them to be. While living in a God-centered environment, we aim to equip at-risk teenage girls to overcome their challenges and prosper throughout the rest of their lives.

Sep 12, 2019
Job Title :  Licensed professional counselor EDUCATION : Requires an advanced degree in some area of human services with current LAT licensure; or LPC or LCSW with proficiency in the areas of treating trauma, borderline personality disorders and addictions. EXPERIENCE:  Prefer a minimum of two years supervisory or management experience and at least four years of clinical experience. Employment: Full   Time Job summary Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc is looking for an individual that is energetic, strong in their Christian faith, and will be a good role model at all times for the troubled teens enrolled in the residential treatment center. This individual needs to be a strong person that will not be easily manipulated by the girls, yet have empathy for each girl’s situation.  The Licensed Counselor directs, manages, and coordinates all programmatic aspects of their client's treatment and must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served 12-26 PRIMARY FUNCTIONS   The Licensed Counselor must possess high moral and ethical standards with a strong Christian/Catholic background. Assumes the duties of the Executive Director in the absence of the Executive Director. Responsible to provide guidance to all patients in treatment Assists in prescribing treatment in consultation with medical staff and other disciplines. Develops admission bio/psych/socio, ASAM, plan of treatment, diagnosis, admission summary and any other admission paperwork as needed. Performs ongoing psychiatric evaluations, UR’s and makes changes to the Plan of Treatment as necessary. Conducts individual therapy sessions and documents on progress notes. Plans and coordinates after-care for discharge and documents discharge summary as per policy. Maintains all other documentation as per policy and procedure. Carries out, evaluates and records patient treatment. Directs group therapy sessions and documents as per policy. Conducts staff and client lectures. Responsible to provide guidance and pertinent information to Significant others concerning treatment program and patient care. Plans and conducts family therapy sessions. To confer and coordinate patient concerns with the family, other staff and after care treatment staff, Plans and conducts employer and referent conferences Must be aware of, and adhere to the Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc.’s policies. Family therapy or consultations via phone as needed per treatment plan. Maintains quality patient care in the Program. Implements and supervises DFS standards and any other accrediting agency that Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. is accredited by or seeks to be accredited by. Recommends to the Executive Director changes needed to ensure quality patient care and the smooth operation of the patient program. Conducts and presides over staff meetings. Coordinates activities with other departments in the program relative to quality patient care. Assists the Executive Director with administrative duties. Monitors and controls budgetary requirements within the Program. Designs and implements the group therapy topics that objectify Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. philosophies. Develops and monitors all statistical records with the program. Develops and monitors all admissions criteria and pre-screen of patients to ensure proper suitability for admissions. Responsible for own personal/professional development. Participates in community activities. Attends seminars/workshops in professional area. Attends and participates in in-service programs. Serves on committees as interested or appointed. Maintains good working relationship with referral agencies, transport agencies, professional staff and customers. Responsible for supervision of all other staff individuals professional or not that come in contact with clients entrusted to TTS. Ensure that the program has proper support Ensure that competent staff members are hired, supervised, evaluated on an annual basis and retained in sufficient numbers Ensure that the facility, equipment, and materials are available in support of the program Ensure that staff members and services are properly coordinated Ensure that the programs functions effectively within the larger child-serving system Ensure verification that training and education related to job description for all staff Supervisors, in addition to the required professional qualifications, shall have the necessary supervisory skills and an extensive understanding of child development and behavior. In addition to the basic practice skills and competencies of a child and youth care worker, supervisors shall have skills in support, interpretation, mediation, training, and administration. Shall provide regular supervision to every supervisee regardless of his or her length of experience or maturity. Shall coordinate the activities of staff with shared responsibility for quality service Have the responsibility to provide for dissemination of information to staff members within the unit on current agency policies, procedures, and practices, and on developments within the community and the field of child welfare. Have the responsibility to share in coordinating the unit and /or department’s work within the operating procedures of the agency in such a manner as to properly carry out agency policies, goals and objectives. Have the responsibility to assume administrative tasks in the agency, as assigne Have the responsibility to participate in the employment of staff members within the unit, and in the assignment of their duties. Have the responsibility to plan and implement a continuing structured staff development program Have the responsibility to evaluate performance of staff on a continuing basis Have the responsibility to assume assignments that may include direct service to children and their families. Responsible to perform other related duties as may be assigned. Establish and maintain policies and procedures directing and evaluating the medical care of all patients at Trinity Teen Solutions Establish and maintain bi-weekly case conferences with all the staff, reviewing, directing and overseeing the medical (clinical) needs of all patients receiving care at TTS. Works closely with all employees at TTS under Clinical Director’s supervision, including, other therapist’s counselors, staff supervisors, office staff, life coaches, ranch hands or any other staff that maybe hired to meet the needs of the clients. Have the responsibility for developing and maintaining an ongoing system for correcting deficiencies of clinical service delivery found within the program.   The Licensed Counselor must be willing and capable of providing reliable and accurate updates (patient treatment plans) to insurance companies and managed care organizations with a view toward patient need and treatment outcomes.  He/she must be organized and effective in protecting the interests of all patients receiving care at TTS (medical and financial). The Licensed Counselor shall be responsible for reviewing all patient treatment plans on at least a bi-weekly basis to insure that appropriate level of care is being administered.  This review is documented weekly in the ASAM and ICANotes.  Additionally, Progress Notes shall be reviewed to determine overall effectiveness of treatment, potential documentation deficiencies, and undetected patient needs. The Licensed Counselor must be knowledgeable of all policies and procedures executed by TTS, especially those pertaining to patient care.  He/she is expected to establish positive working relationships with other professionals in an effort to maintain solid lines of communication and sharing of ideas, concepts, and information. The Licensed Counselor  must be capable and willing to provide specific clinical information and recommendations to all referral sources when requested and appropriate.  This includes the formulation of effective Continuing Care Plans and Discharge Summaries.  Although the Clinical Director may not actually author such documents, he or she must review the final products to insure that quality and continuity are maintained. The Licensed Counselor must possess leadership skills that promote an open, honest, accountable, and effective system of service delivery.  He/she must exhibit the ability to lead, instruct, and when necessary, correct (discipline) all clinical personnel within the TTS program (under the direction and counsel of the Director).  He/she must be willing and able to consistently insure that the Director is fully and accurately informed of all conditions relating to patient care. The Licensed Counselor  shall be expected to take reasonable measures in maintaining up-to-date study in matters of clinical theory, literature reviews, etc. specific to the fields of addiction and mental health. Ensures treatment care is delivered in safe, effective manner in compliance with state, federal, and any other licensing or accreditation requirements. The Licensed Counselor is responsible for monitoring licensure and accreditation compliance and maintaining a constant state of readiness for audits.   SECONDARY FUNCTIONS: Initiate, develop and implement an inservice training program for TTS staff. Assist in public relation activities as needed. Recommend purchase of capital equipment items and other budgetary considerations. Maintain communication with Program Director regarding all matters of importance regarding the TTS program. Serve on designated committees as required. Assume responsibility of the Program Director in his or her absence. MODALITIES AND APPROACHES:   Wilderness Therapy/Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare, Reality Therapy, Family Systems, Experiential Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Christ-Centered Counseling, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Personality Assessment, Nutritional Therapy, Crisis Intervention, Art Therapy, Psycho-Drama therapy, Exercise, Use of daily routine , Relationship Therapy, Bibliotherapy, Spiritual Activities, Journaling, Aftercare/Referral, Cognitive Restructuring, Confrontive Therapy, Insight therapy:  Behavior Modification, Solution Oriented Therapy , Supportive Maintenance, Symptom Focused, Education, Strategic Therapy, Ordeal Therapy, EMDR, DBT, CBT, MRT, Psychiatric Consultation, Career Counseling, Personality Inventories/Assessments:   If you are Qualified and interested in this position, please click the APPLY NOW button below and submit your resume, a cover letter and list of references.  Thanks You and God bless!
Trinity Teen Solutions Powell, WY, USA Full time
Sep 11, 2019
Job Summary: We are looking for a committed teacher to work with our mental and behavioral health patients, that will complement our qualified mental health treatment team. The teacher will be responsible for tutoring patients in their online academic curriculum (i.e.,, supervising the school room, assisting in handling behavioral crisis’s along with the rest of the team, and creating academic progress reports for the parents.  It will be fundamental to provide knowledge and instruction to patients while also helping them develop their personalities and skills.  The ideal candidate will be passionate for the job with an ability to reach out to patients and create a relationship of mutual trust. They will know how to organize a class and make learning an easy and meaningful process.  The goal is to help cultivate the patients interest in education, to develop and improve social skills in the classroom and be their dedicated ally in the entire process of learning and development. Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:  Provide individualized instruction to each patient by promoting interactive learning, understanding that patients have different learning styles and mental health issues that are impacting their education. Oversee each patients’ individualized academic curriculum to continue the patients’ academic needs while in residential treatment. Create and distribute educational content as needed (notes, summaries, assignments etc.) Assess and record patients’ progress and provide grades and feedback Maintain a tidy, orderly and safe classroom Collaborate with other teachers, parents and staff members and participate in regular meetings Plan and execute educational in-class and outdoor activities and events Observe and understand patient’s behavior and psyche and report suspicions of neglect, abuse etc. Create and reinforce classroom rules Speak clear and concise to patients, other members of the treatment team, parents and administration officials.   Professional Requirements: Licensed in any state as a teacher. Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat and clean. Completes annual education requirements. Maintains regulatory requirements. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times. Reports to work on time and as scheduled, completes work within designated time. Attends at least 12 staff meetings annually, reads and returns all monthly staff meeting minutes. Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner. Actively participates in performance improvement and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities. Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices. Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the facility, as well as the focus statement of the department. If you are Qualified and interested in this position, please click the APPLY NOW button below and submit your resume, a cover letter and list of references.  Thanks You and God bless!
Trinity Teen Solutions Powell, WY, USA Full time
Sep 11, 2019
PRIMARY FUNCTION The CNA must possess high moral and ethical standards with a strong Christian/Catholic background. They must supervise and ensure safety of the female patients, monitor their activities of daily living, and maintain group harmony through being a good example and  how to interact in relationships. This allows opportunities for the patient to find the goodness within, practicing new learned skills while providing direction for returning home. Monitor the patient's daily activities and maintain peace and harmony of the group.  Maintain a clean and orderly environment by setting an example and teaching the patients essential life skills.  Instruct and monitor the patient's on proper daily hygiene and dress code. Collaborate and work with the ranch crew to enhance the ability for the patients to learn and practice essential life skills and social skills. Implement the patients plan of treatment that is created by the licenses professional counselors.  Oversee safety, health and well being of the patients.  Plan and organize treatment interventions with treatment team. Maintain control and develop a healthy environment.  Plan, organize and implement lesson plans according to each student’s individual academic needs.  Monitor and implement Trinity Teen Solutions Program Rules, Policies, Philosophies, Handbooks, Fire Safety Rules, Wyo. Department of Family Services State Regulations, and State Health Inspections. Provide safe transportation, ensure wearing of seat belts, and that all ranch roads and highway regulations are followed. All vehicles will be cared for properly, cleaned after each use and inspected on a daily basis. Learn ranch activities such as, animal care, safety, driving all terrain vehicles, trucks. Other tools may include anything from a screwdriver to a claw hammer. Maintain all written documentation such as progress notes, group therapy notes, daily checklist, and academic records. Ensure that all meals are nutritious and follow proper food handling procedures. Provide a family dining atmosphere when possible, using proper table manners, and cleaning up after meals. If you are Qualified and interested in this position, please click the APPLY NOW button below and submit your resume, a cover letter and list of references.  Thanks You and God bless!
Trinity Teen Solutions Powell, WY, USA Full time