St. Mary Catholic Schools

Hello!  Our Catholic community works prayerfully together to promote educational excellence in a safe, nurturing and faith-filled environment.   


The foundation of an SMCS education is in faith, academics, service and personal development. These tenets, in conjunction with strong co-curricular opportunities, provide a well-rounded experience that encompasses students’ intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional growth and development in a faith-filled environment. SMCS faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that every student achieves his or her highest potential.

St. Mary Catholic Schools is integrating Project Lead The Way, a STEM- (science, technology, engineering and math) based program into the curriculum over a three-year period. In addition, SMCS is working toward The Aquinas Program a project-based accelerated learning program for elementary students that is planned for the 2018-19 school year, and has a robust student services program to support learning.



St. Mary Catholic Schools, in partnership with family, church and community, provides a quality Catholic education that is focused on faith, academics, service and personal development from preschool through high school to influence a rapidly changing world.



  • To foster gospel values by teaching Catholic doctrine and providing programs with Jesus Christ as our model and inspiration
  • To be a welcoming educational community – for students, families, faculty, and staff of all faith traditions – by teaching acceptance, tolerance, and respect for all
  • To enrich and deepen each student’s relationship with God through prayer, Eucharist, and the sacraments
  • To promote peace, justice, and concern for those less fortunate
  • To encourage and support vocations to the priesthood and religious life


  • To provide a learning environment conducive to academic excellence where the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural, and social needs of each student can be met
  • To ensure that faculty recognize various learning styles and vary teaching methods accordingly to engage each student as an active learner
  • To engage in collaborative planning and problem-solving that results in a relevant organizational vision, grounded in faith, that is supported by the SMCS Board of Trustees, principals, faculty, and staff
  • To attract and retain quality teachers, staff and administrators who support the SMCS mission
  • To encourage and facilitate the ongoing professional development of all faculty and administrative staff
  • To encourage development of the whole person by providing access to a wide range of cultural, academic, and co-curricular activities


  • To adopt an ongoing stewardship model for SMCS that embraces the principles of prayer, service, and sharing
  • To help students acquire a clear set of values that will guide their actions, choices and decisions throughout life
  • To provide opportunities for students and staff to participate in serving those in need
  • To provide service opportunities focused on global awareness and social justice


  • To build a Catholic community within a Christian atmosphere that is stimulating and challenging, positive and innovative, courteous and congenial
  • To generate and properly steward the financial resources necessary to meet the present and future needs of SMCS
  • To commit that no parish member is ever turned away from a SMCS school because of a genuine inability to pay
  • To encourage the cooperation among church, school, home and the community that is essential to the educational process
  • To recognize and address the unique challenges and opportunities of all educational levels available through SMCS
  • To encourage cooperation among campuses and educational levels; collaborating when possible, assisting when feasible, and functioning independently when necessary



We believe in the value and importance of Catholic school education as an integral part of the Neenah, Menasha, and surrounding area parish communities.

Recognizing the critical importance of partnering with family, church, and community, our role within these communities is to provide our children from preschool through high school with a strong educational foundation anchored in our faith and based on the Beatitudes.