Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

A Story of Grace

From a simple conversation in 2007, to the dedication of our church building in 2016, and to our plans for the future, God has blessed and guided the work of our parish. The tenacity of our founding parishioners, and the generosity and zeal of newer parishioners and young families, has paved the way for God to build up our community of faith and entrust us with the Gospel mandate. Here is our story. As a member of Team Grace, here is your story!  A PARISH IS BORN

As Team Grace, we seek to live authentic biblical Christianity in action and so fulfill the call of the Lord Jesus to follow him in all we do as believers and as a community of faith. As such, we assemble devoutly for the celebration of the sacraments, we look for opportunities to pray together, we study the Sacred Scriptures and sacred doctrine, we enjoy being together in holy fellowship, and we actively seek out and serve the poor and those in need.

As the Pastor of Team Grace, I invite you to come and join us in our mission to spread God’s kingdom! All who sincerely seek the Lord Jesus are warmly welcome!