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Through powerful Eucharistic encounters and engaging catechesis, our Edge (middle school) and Life Teen (high school) teens are immersed in a dynamically Catholic parish culture. With the parish as their true home, our teens are then further strengthened by our Summer CampsEventsResources, and Digital (web and social media) evangelization. Our goal is not only to equip parishes worldwide with timely, high quality resources to train Catechists and “reach” today’s teens, but also to create an environment where Catholic teenagers feel supported and engaged the other 167 hours a week, outside of Sunday Mass.

Feb 16, 2021
The Edge Support Coordinator is passionate about creating high-quality resources for middle school youth ministers in both print and digital versions. This vital role coordinates the development, writing, editing, and publication of our Edge Support Resources under the direction of the Director of Catechesis and is a member of the catechesis team in the parish services division of Life Teen. The parish services division is a group of disciples that are passionate about leading teens closer to Christ through exceptional parish support through written and digital resources, direct contact and coaching, and through a significant digital outreach via social media. We recognize that this comes with great affirmation but also great spiritual attack, criticism, and sometimes frustration with a healthy dose of writer’s block. We support each other in prayer through our victories and help each other when we fall. We strive for the best because the Gospel deserves it. Our mission is to...
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