Saint Paul VI Institute

The Saint Paul VI Institute is the only medical Institute of its kind — specializing in research. diagnosis, and treatment of women’s reproductive and gynecologic healthcare within a pro-life ethical framework.

Mission Statement

The Saint Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction is committed to building a culture of life in women’s reproductive healthcare.

Vision Statement

Inspired by Saint Paul VI’s landmark encyclical Humanae Vitae, the Saint Paul VI Institute is a preeminent leader in reproductive health research, education, service, and ethics. From these cornerstones, the Saint Paul VI Institute seeks to extend to families worldwide authentic healing, strong marriages, and medicine that fully adheres to God’s design for human sexuality and reproduction. Taking its direction from the wisdom and teachings of the Roman Catholic tradition, the Saint Paul VI Institute stands firmly on the rock of faith, and by the light of this faith, provides hope and healing to women, couples, and families.