Christendom Academy

Christendom Academy is a K-8 classical school bringing forth a renewal of Christian culture in Omaha. Such a culture naturally stems from prayer, but also from books, forming students in the great tradition of the classical mind.

We offer a full, human education in all things noble and true. Our integrated classical curriculum offers a clear path from fairy tales to philosophy to geometry, and from musical instruments to the music of the spheres to astronomy.

Our faculty, drawing upon the wellspring of faith and reason, facilitate the ordering of each student's soul by ordaining truth to tutor the intellect, goodness to discipline the will, and beauty to inspire the imagination. Our culture instills in students a sense of wonder and invites ascent in the moral life.

Christendom Academy offers an education and formation of the whole person — intellectually, morally, and physically — so that students may become clear-minded, joyful men and women of action and good character.

Apr 05, 2021
Christendom Academy, a K-8 classical school in Omaha, NE, is looking for Missionary Educators to join our team! Seeking to build up the kingdom of God, Christendom Academy provides a vibrant, whole-person, Christ-centered classical education to families. The Missionary Educator program is a two-year postgraduate service opportunity that equips its participants to respond to the call of the New Evangelization through teaching. It is inspired by the words of Pope St. Paul VI -  “Man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.”   We are looking for... joyful and adaptable applicants, desiring to share their faith, who have both experience and a heart for working with children applicants who believe that educating the whole child, intellectually, morally, and physically, has the power to transform our culture dynamic servants, committed to their faith, who have a desire to grow closer to God...
Christendom Academy Omaha, NE, USA Full time