Legacy of Life Foundation

Legacy of Life Foundation 


We are a Pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Center. The purpose of the Legacy of Life Foundation is to inform, engage, and inspire like-minded individuals who believe in the beauty of life in order to fully fund the operations of our Women's Centers. 

When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she is scared, feels totally alone, and thinks abortion is her only choice. She needs a safe, non-judgemental place where she can confirm her pregnancy, get true information, and get the help and support she needs to choose life for her baby - and for herself. 




Women in crisis pregnancies are often faced with a multitude of other crises in their lives. Our centers give them the voice they need, to make sure they take full advantage of the recourses available to them to help them move from fear and desperation to hope and security. 

After a woman chooses life, the work is far from finished! She needs the ongoing support of a community of women who will help her with her decision and lead her to believe in her own strength as a woman and a mother.



"The Women's center not only helps you to become a better parent but also a better person."


We are excited to welcome new members to our team! If you are passionate about helping others and our mission resonates with you, please check out our open positions by clicking on the "jobs" link.