Creatio is a Colorado based Non-profit, that works to create an environment of encounter – encounter with God, with ourselves, with others, and with creation. Creatio members are volunteers, professionals, and friends working to address environmental and human issues on a deeper level. Our goal is to facilitate an active transformation of ourselves and others, as well as the environment. 

Our Mission

is to guide all people to encounter the beauty of creation and the Creator through service to the poor, mission trips, outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship.




It means to change the world through adventure and beauty

Creatio was founded in 2007 to respond to St. John Paul II’s commission, to “make the Gospel incarnate in different cultures.” We make the Gospel incarnate in the millenials’ culture. As the patron saint of young people, JPII deeply understood the heart of the problem of the world’s youth today. He knew that rooting young people in Christ would make them good parents, spouses, business leaders, and citizens of the world because they know that they are ultimately citizens of Heaven.

The fastest-growing religion in the US is “unaffiliated” and the issue of the 21st century is the difficulty of reaching young adults in a language they understand. When they come to the mountains or on an adventure mission experience seeking fulfillment and authenticity, Creatio meets them there offering a game-changing invitation in their language of adventure. We are following John Paul II’s pioneer combination of adventure and faith, through offering affordable adventure opportunities to young adults of all levels of experience.



Creatio’s spirituality is focused on strengthening the four relationships: relationship with self, with one another, with nature and with God. We encourage all of our participants to be open to experience a deepening of these relationships while on our trips. If you are passionate about our Mission, Vision, and Values we want you on our team! Check out open positions on the Jobs tab and apply. Let the Adventure begin!