Melita Christian Fellowship Hospital Aid Plan ("Melita CFHAP"), which is also known as Solidarity HealthShare, is a healthcare sharing ministry that has been in existence and Sharing medical expenses continuously since prior to December 31, 1999 (the "Ministry"). The Melita CFHAP was initially founded by the Melita Christian Fellowship and expanded to include persons who follow the Catholic social teachings. Members are joined together by a common goal of mutual aid and financial Sharing. This program is specially tailored for individuals who maintain a lifestyle in accordance with the teachings of the Melita Christian Fellowship or the Catholic Church, make responsible choices in regard to their health, and believe in supporting others in a spirit of solidarity and subsidiarity.

Because Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples not only to preach the Gospel but to heal the sick (Matthew 10:8), concern for the body is of utmost importance for Christians, particularly for Catholics. Institutions dedicated to caring for and healing persons have been the innovation of priests, religious, and lay Catholics in centuries past. Today, the need to protect the inviolable conscience of faithful Christians and the need for affordable healthcare have led to the creation of the Ministry. Informed by Catholic social teaching, the Ministry is a free association of Members committed to Sharing medical expenses of fellow Members.

Members of the Ministry Share one another's medical expenses. Solidarity HealthShare serves to facilitate this mutual Sharing by directing Members' gifts to those who have eligible expenses. Solidarity HealthShare does not assume responsibility for payment of, or indemnification for, medical expenses. Solidarity HealthShare distributes Monthly Contributions received from Members in accordance with these Sharing Guidelines. The Ministry is not insurance. Solidarity HealthShare is not an insurance company. The Ministry is not subject to insurance statutes or regulations. However, there are many legal requirements with which Solidarity HealthShare must comply in order to operate as a healthcare sharing ministry, including: (1) being a tax-exempt organization whose Members share a common set of ethical or religious beliefs; and (2) facilitating the direct Sharing from one Member to another of medical expenses in accordance with those beliefs, even after a Member develops a medical condition.

Each Member of the Ministry is a self-pay patient who submits voluntary Monthly Contributions to assist other Members with their Eligible Medical Expenses and support the administration and program services of the Ministry. Whether anyone chooses to Share in another Member's medical expenses is totally voluntary. Monthly Contributions from Members are voluntary gifts and are non-refundable. Giving a monetary gift to assist another Member in the Ministry does not create a legally enforceable right to receive funds for medical expenses. Whether or not any Member receives assistance from other Members for medical expenses, Members are always liable for their own medical expenses.

Solidarity HealthShare facilitates the Sharing of certain medical expenses related to many but not all Healthcare Services (referred to as Eligible Medical Expenses). Healthcare Services for which medical expenses are eligible for Sharing are listed in Section VII.A [of our sharing guidelines] and are referred to as Shareable Healthcare Services. Medical expenses for Shareable Healthcare Services are eligible for Sharing subject to the limitations set forth in these Sharing Guidelines.