Heart Ridge

Heart Ridge aspires to provide a place for renewal and restoration in a Catholic atmosphere of loving hospitality and community, as well as a place for education through programs of truth, beauty, and goodness, ultimately with the hope of encountering Jesus Christ.

We do this through our hostel, and other rental properties which welcome guests from all over the country to this beautiful mountain terrain.  We do this through our own created programs such as retreats and conferences, as well as concerts.  We do this through weeklong summer family camp program.  And we do this through offering our space for parish events and retreats. 


  • Familial bonds, deep friendships, and meaningful community
  • Wonder, awe, and the discovery of God through nature, art and each other
  • Education that promotes understanding and dialogue, and helps one discover the true, the good, and the beautiful
  • Music (in all of its genres) and other forms of art for what they awaken in the human heart and reveal about man and God
  • The restorative power of time spent in nature
  • Local farming, sustainability, and ecological responsibility
  • Technology and media that communicates the truth and facilitates real-life connections
  • Time, space, and resources to facilitate healing
  • Diversity in people and programs
  • Opportunities for all families and individuals regardless of their ability to pay
  • ​​The Roman Catholic Church with Mary, the saints, and Pope Francis our Shepherd, with all her rich traditions, through which we see the world and grow in our relationship with Christ.