Our Sunday Visitor

A Company That Cares

Serving the Church

Fr. Noll founded Our Sunday Visitor with three primary purposes in mind: to form Catholics in the faith, to inform Catholics and about events in the Church and society, and to defend the faith from ignorance and prejudice. Our corporate mission is "To Serve the Church."

The Our Sunday Visitor Institute is funded by income from Our Sunday Visitor operations. The purpose of the Institute is to provide support to Catholic organizations for projects or programs that focus on catechesis, evangelization, vocations and stewardship.

Serving and Supporting Our Customers

Our Sunday Visitor continues to invest in great people and technology so that we serve our customers exceptionally well. We make it a point to know and understand our customers through our ongoing relationships and also through focus groups and surveys. We consider both our customers' input and the needs of the Church to guide us.

There are also many examples of support Our Sunday Visitor provides to customers to assist with programs or emergencies. From world disasters like the earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Katrina to controversial issues and social crises, Our Sunday Visitor has responded with assistance and relevant materials.

Serving Our Employees

At Our Sunday Visitor we care for each other. The company offers a full benefits package for employees which includes a 401k plan and company matching funds. We have a health clinic onsite in Huntington. The clinic provides basic healthcare services and medications free of charge to employees.

Our Sunday Visitor supports employee education in several ways. With approval from supervisors, we support costs associated with continuing professional education, seminars and events. And we conduct internal education on topics ranging from basic Excel to leadership. We also have hundreds of online courses available for employees to take at any time. A limited number of scholarships is offered to children of employees attending college.

We also have fun through everything from picnics and summer cookouts to Christmas dinners.

Serving Our Community

We care about supporting the local community and national organizations. Our Sunday Visitor personnel donate their time to charities, churches, schools and many other organizations across the United States. We also make financial contributions that are unrelated to the OSV Institute.

As part of our commitment to health and well-being, Our Sunday Visitor provided significant assistance to build a new YMCA in Huntington, IN. The company supports charities, schools and community organizations locally and nationally, and is consistently a United Way pacesetter. We match employee donations in addition to corporate contributions.

Stewarding Resources and Sustaining the Environment

Our Sunday Visitor encourages awareness about our resources and environment throughout our organizations and processes. Many of our products employ paper, which is a renewable resource in itself. All scrap from production is captured, baled and recycled. And to balance out our use of paper, Our Sunday Visitor frequently donates trees to be planted.

In addition to using industry certified paper in our products, we also use water-based environmentally friendly inks in our production process. All of our materials have been reviewed and changed to be environmentally friendly while maintaining the quality our customers desire.

Our journey for sustainable resources is continuous. We have removed paper and substituted air hand dryers throughout the facility to reduce use of paper in the office. Our lighting has been changed to energy efficient lighting. Every office recycles appropriate materials.

Furthermore, we employ LEAN principles throughout our office and production processes. Through LEAN we focus on eliminating waste from processes for everything from closing our books to converting envelopes. As a result we are saving wasted time, steps, energy and materials, and we work on this every day as part of our normal operations.