Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB) is a federation of all Roman Catholic dioceses and ordinariates located in the State of Texas.  Through the TCCB, all dioceses and ordinariates share in the expenses of joint activities that extend the ministry of the Texas bishops within the church community in four ways:

  1. encourage and foster cooperation and communication among the dioceses and the ministries of the Catholic Church in Texas;
  2. serve as the public policy arm of the Conference's Board of Directors, the Bishops of Texas, before the Texas legislature, the Texas delegation in Congress, and state agencies. The public policy issues addressed by the Conference include institutional concerns of the Catholic Church as well as issues related to Catholic moral and social teaching;
  3. monitor accreditation of Catholic schools through the Education Department, ensuring quality and accountability to the Bishops of Texas as well as the Texas Education Agency; and
  4. through the Catholic Archives of Texas, collect, preserve, and making available for research the records of individuals and organizations engaged in work reflecting the goals of the Catholic Church in Texas.