Beartooth Mt Ascent

The Direct care staff at Beartooth MT ascent are responsible for ensuring the safety,well being and growth of the young men in the program.He must be a man of strong Catholic moral character who can be firm, but kind and able to keep order among the young men.

The direct care staff member will live and work alongside the young men for the days that he is on duty and maintain harmony through good examples and relationships.This allows opportunities to share the Beartooth Mt Ascent Catholic/Christian philosophies with the young men and find the goodness within while providing direction and guidance to them to help them become the best version of themselves.

We do not allow smoking, chewing tobacco or alcohol/drugs on our ranch so the applicant for this job should not smoke cigarettes,chew tobacco or have a drinking or substance abuse problem. We do regular random drug testing of all employees. If you have any addiction DO NOT apply.

Main Job Responsibilities are:
• Live with the young men on the days that you work in the cabins.
• Monitor the young men's daily activities and maintain peace and harmony amongst them.
• Maintain a clean and orderly environment by setting an example for the young men, working along with them to maintain neat and orderly cabins and ranch environment.
• Instruct and monitor the young men on how to complete the ranch chores and other ranch work activities..
• Collaborate and work with the ranch crew to enhance the vocational training and animal therapy programs.
• Implement plan of treatment
• Oversee safety, health and well-being of the clients.
• Plan and organize treatment interventions with treatment team.
• Maintain control and develop a healthy environment.
• Ensure that the young men complete their weekly written assignments.
• Monitor and implement Beartooth Mt Ascent's Program Rules, Policies, Philosophies, and Fire Safety Rules.
• Provide safe transportation, insure wearing of seat belts, and that all ranch roads and highway regulations are followed. All vehicles will be cared for properly, cleaned after each use and inspected on a daily basis.
• Learn ranch activities such as, animal care, safety, trucks. Other tools may include anything from a chainsaw to a claw hammer.
• Maintain all written documentation such as medication logs, progress notes, group therapy notes, daily checklist, and academic records.
• Ensure that all meals are nutritious and follow proper food handling procedures. Provide a family dining atmosphere when possible, using proper table manners, and cleaning up after meals.
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