Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA was founded over a century ago by men and women who believed that the collective efforts of the church to faithfully serve people in need could change the course of poverty in our nation.

At Catholic Charities we help people, regardless of their faith, who are struggling with poverty and other complex issues. At CCUSA, our advocacy and disaster relief programs — and our support of member agencies in our network — is making tangible progress toward providing help and hope to our neighbors across the country.

Our collective efforts focus on a set of strategic priorities that make a difference in the lives of people in need.


Our Ministry

As Catholic Charities, we labor in the streets inviting and serving those who have been left out to know and experience the tremendous and abundant love of God through Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to break down walls of division that keep sisters and brothers separated from one another, excluded, or rendered disposable by our society. With joy, we resolve to build bridges of hope, mercy and justice toward the creation of a culture of communal care responsive to the cries of those who are poor.

Our Impact 

Catholic Charities works to welcome and integrate immigrants, refugees and asylees, assisting over 393,000 individuals over the past year.
 The Catholic faith is the foundation for all Catholic Charities Ministries. Like the Good Samaritan, Catholic Charities provides comprehensive care to anyone in need. We care for others not because they are Catholic, but because we are.

Catholic Charities Ministry is Grounded in Catholic Social Teaching. Every day, across the country, Catholic Charities reaches out to vulnerable people, not because they are Catholic, but because we are Catholic.


We are very excited to welcome new members to our team! If you are passionate about what we do and want to be apart of our mission, please check out our open positions in the "Jobs" tab. We look forward to hearing from interested candidates.