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St. John Bosco Schools


“The goal of education is the student himself, to form his mind and his character in such a way that he can live his whole life, so far as possible, in a way that is consistent with the truth about himself as a human being created in the image and likeness of God." ~ The St. Jerome Curriculum Group


Classical liberal arts education lays the foundation that leads to wisdom and virtue.  Wisdom is to know the truth; virtue, to imitate the truth. Through this formation, children begin to connect what they know with how they live, to strive for excellence and holiness.

Our Mission

The mission of St. John Bosco Schools is to support parents in their God-given role as the primary educators of their children by cultivating the whole person—mind, body, and soul—uniting spiritual life with work, study, and play.

Our Vision

St. John Bosco Schools was established to grow into a network of schools that provide an authentically Catholic education. We firmly believe that a rigorous, faith-based education and vibrant Catholic culture should be within reach of all parents who seek this formation for their children.

St. John Bosco Schools’ integrated curriculum:

Cultivates wonder, formation in virtue, and nurtures the moral imagination

Allows children to explore ideas, events, and individuals in the context of the history of Western civilization

Encourages children to draw connections between different subjects, leading them to understand holistically

Inspires children by immersing them in the truth, beauty, and goodness of God’s creation

Teaches children how to think deeply and express ideas in an organized and precise way


At St. John Bosco School, our students learn that all our efforts are a response to the great love that Jesus demonstrated for us on the Cross.   We embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church as our guide to living God’s will with the joy of Christian hope.  Priority is given to helping each child develop a personal relationship with Our Lord.   Students grow to understand the power of prayer and the grace of the Sacraments in helping them bring the light of Christ into the world.

Our Catholic identity extends beyond attendance at Mass and the recitation of prayers.  It permeates every dimension of life at the school, from the commitment to excellence and service to others, to the orderliness of the environment, to the dress of students, to the general cheerfulness of the faculty and staff.


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Mar 22, 2022  
 Executive Director  Position Summary The Board of Directors appoints the Executive Director of SJBS. A collaborative relationship between the Executive Director and Headmaster is a requirement. The responsibilities of the Executive Director include: (1) daily operations; (2) finances and budgeting; (3) Board of Directors activities and long-range planning, and public relations. Administrative Model The Executive Director and Headmaster lead the administrative team at SJBS. This model of school administration is one of equality with both specific and shared responsibilities for nurturing and maintaining the mission and traditions of the school and ensuring fidelity to the Magisterium. ▪ The Headmaster is responsible for the academic operations of St. John Bosco, including the instructional leadership of the school, as well as hiring and supervision of instructional personnel, the curriculum, and studentlife. ▪ The Executive Director is...
St. John Bosco Schools East Rochester, NY, USA Full time
Mar 22, 2022  
  HEADMASTER JOB DESCRIPTION       HEADMASTER JOB RESPONSIBILITIES  Head Teacher  Direct, manage, deepen, and unify the faculty in their execution of the school’s curriculum ● Nurture students in their pursuit of excellence  Model professional, moral, and ethical standards as well as personal integrity in all interactions  Chief Executive Officer  Manage/delegate day-to-day operational issues of the school  Select, orient, support, evaluate, and retain school personnel  Handle parent-student issues that arise in the normal rhythm of school life  Provide effective communication to the staff and parents  School Visionary  Communicate the mission of the school with current and prospective parents ● Implement the school’s mission on a daily basis, enriching student life and the school’s culture within the community ...
St. John Bosco Schools East Rochester, NY, USA Full time