Archdiocese of Washington

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington is the headquarters of the Catholic Church in the Washington DC area, and is comprised of Washington DC, Montgomery County, Prince George's County and Calvert, St. Mary's and Charles counties in Southern Maryland.

With 139 parishes we are able to celebrate Mass in over 20 languages each weekend! The Archdiocese also has over 90 schools and early learning centers. 

Since the publication of the 2010 pastoral letter "Disciples of the Lord: Sharing the Vision", the entire work of the Archdiocese of Washington has been viewed through the lens of the New Evangelization. This has resulted in new programs, resources, goals and structures – all of which are bearing fruit in and through our parishes and schools.

The faith is being taught to young people using a new standards-based curriculum, programs such as The Light is On For You and Find the perfect Gift engage thousands, a new seminary has been opened, and the archdiocese regularly evangelizes and catechizes through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, columns and media.

In addition, excellent catechetical resources have been created and are in use. Join with us as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ together in response to the call of the New Evangelization.


You want your child to have the best education possible—without sacrificing the Catholic values of love, faith and service. We know it’s possible to have both. Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools provide the right mix of faith, family and lifelong learning to prepare your child for the realities of the modern world.


Our schools are rooted in Gospel values and the teaching mission of the Catholic Church. They are learning communities of faith and service. They offer excellent academic programs that challenge each child’s mind and instill an interest in lifelong learning.

Each Catholic school offers an encounter with Jesus Christ. Each maintains a rigorous, engaging curriculum based on the highest academic standards. All offer unique programs and attributes, so you can find the right Catholic school for you.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington is currently looking for people to join their team for various departments. They look forward to welcoming new members to their team!