St. Raphael Catholic School


St. Raphael’s Catholic School nurtures the development of each child through faithful Catholic Education that stresses the love of Jesus Christ.


St. Raphael’s Catholic School responds to the call of the Church to provide a Catholic education through

  • teaching our children that they are made in the image of God and have been created to love and be loved
  • curriculum that seeks to instill Christian values, cultivates spiritual formation, and develops intellectual and personal excellence
  • a joyful Catholicity that emphasizes the value of prayer, liturgy and the sacraments
  • faithful obedience to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church
  • defending the Culture of Life by being unconditionally Pro-Life
  • curricular and co-curricular activities that emphasize the Catholic faith by stressing Christian virtue, integrity and self-discipline
  • forming our students in wisdom so they might speak the faith with confidence

We serve our mission of St. Raphael’s Catholic School by

  • teaching the Gospel message as a basis for living through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ acknowledging the qualities of individual students
  • fostering respectful and open communication among parents, staff, students and alumni

St. Raphael’s Catholic School acknowledges the qualities of individual students by

  • a proven commitment to academic excellence
  • recognizing students have different learning styles
  • striving to meet individual needs with flexible instructional practices
  • offering a variety of opportunities for individuals to share their special skills and talents

Every day at St. Raphael Catholic School we are – Growing Together in Faith and Knowledge