Agnus Dei Foundation

Lamb of God Maternity Home is a maternity home that focuses on provided 24/7 care and support to women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. We specialize in supporting birth moms who are considering placing in adoption and hope to bring more awareness to the beautiful option that open adoption can be. The mission of the Agnus Dei Foundation is to impact the culture of life by being a champion for adoption as a positive solution to an unplanned pregnancy. 

Our vision is to accomplish this mission by establishing the Lamb of God Maternity Home as a safe haven for women with unplanned pregnancies to get away from all the "noise" and judgement of the outside world. 

Our birth mothers carry their babies to term, treated with dignity, love, and respect for making the courageous and selfless decision to not only choose life, but to also choose a life for their babies.
Aug 08, 2023  
PROGRAM MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION   As the Program Manager, you will report to Agnus Dei Foundation Board.   Your duties and responsibilities are:    Work with Each Resident .        Oversee and implement 30-day trial curriculum ·        Monitor residents progress daily ·        Identify volunteer opportunities for birthmothers who are not in school or working ·        Assist and support educational goals for birthmothers ·        Assist birthmothers in employment applications and interviewing skills ·        Act as a point of contact for resident’s family, medical needs, counselor, mentor etc. ·        Attend appointments with residents and help keep them accountable ·        Provide rides to residents as needed ·        Be an emotional support to each resident and crisis call   Aftercare Program  ·        Maintaining contact and relationship with Lamb of God “graduates”...
Agnus Dei Foundation Escondido, CA, USA Full time