Allergy Free Baking Company

Founded in 2018, Allergy Free Baking Company (AFBC) is a dedicated Gluten-, Dairy- and Nut- free bakery, with some additional options of Egg- and Corn- free.  We specialize in creating flavorful and unique baked goods that everyone can enjoy.  We are a locally owned, growing family business that is passionate about baking with natural and wholesome alternatives.

AFBC believes that not only is an allergy-free bakery a profitable thing to do, but is also the right thing to do. Millions and millions of people have discovered they have food allergies and sensitivities, many of these being children. These individuals do not deserve to excluded from delicious sweets and family meals, or cornered to eat lackluster and crumbly breads. AFBC is unique because of the products we sell, which is what drives customers back and then spreads the word of our bakery to others. 

Oct 04, 2023  
The Bakery Manager is an energetic leader, effective communicator and efficient baker.   The Bakery Manager sets and signs daily tasks to the bakers and staff, ensures positive customer interactions, co-manages supply and re-ordering, and bakes.   This is a supervisory position that requires excellent organization and communication skills, and fosters an environment of cooperation and teamwork among the staff. The Baker Manager provides vital leadership to the bakery and requires 40-45 hours per week, plus extra hours to prepare for holidays and sometimes to keep up with demand.   This position will report directly to the owner. Hours will be primarily 6:00AM-3:00PM, Monday through Friday; with 1 hour for lunch and breaks. Responsibilities: The primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: Implement systems for cleaning, baking and organization Ensure positive customer experiences Train, supervise and manage staff of 4-8 part-...
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