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5 Tips To Quilt Faster


Quilting takes time but it does not mean you have to spend months and months on each piece. It is possible to save some time on each and every quilting project if you know the right tips. And here they are:


Chain Piece

Cutting the chain pieces


Chain piecing may sound complicated for beginners who do not know what that is but actually, this term refers to the technique that allows quilters to make use of scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. Chain piecing can easily be done with the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners Afbeelding because it has no requirement in tools.

To chain piecing, you gather the leftover and cut them into usable pieces. When you are sewing the blocks of your main project, put these pieces at the end of the stitching line and sew on them too.

This technique also helps you avoid the fabric from being dragged down when you finish the line. If you have been sewing for some time, you will know this happens a lot.


Make Use Of Pre-cut Fabrics

Most quilters I know love sewing the pieces together the most and do not have much of a love for cutting.

When I am in short of time, what I usually use is a quilt kit with all the pieces cut out for me. All the fabrics have already fit with each other, saving you a ton of time matching fabrics on your own.


Machine Quilt The Project

A machine can save you a ton of time


Hand quilting has its own fun but its most obvious drawback is that it takes forever to finish a project. With larger pieces and a competent sewing machine, you can have your own project in no time.

To be honest, a good sewing machine for beginners can handle quilting well. Some of them can be found in the best sewing machine for beginners reviews so read this guide for more information.


Work With Larger Pieces

It is always easier to sew large pieces, especially if you have a centerpiece you would like to show off. Quilting with small blocks has its own advantages but if you do not have much time to spare, this can be a good option.


Learn About Your Sewing Machine

Even when you have applied all the tips I show, if once in a while, you have to stop to learn how to fix this or that, quilting can never be easy or quick.

What I recommend here is before you quilt, get to know your sewing machine beforehand. When you do, you will know how to adjust the tension for the best-looking projects, how to thread the machine properly, or what to do when the machine runs into a problem.


Use A Sewing Machine With A Large Table

If the beginner sewing machine you are using does not have a large enough table, gravity can pull the project down and cause it to drag. And dragging means pucker stitch lines.

To find a good beginner sewing machine like that, read these What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews to land the best option for you.