The Collegium also offers an experience that is transformational in character: 

  • we seek to transform ourselves;
  • we offer our students the opportunity to be transformed;
  • we prepare our students to be agents of transformation in society.

We realize this through our curriculum and a (trans)formative experience.

Our curriculum is also unlike any other college curriculum.  It is based on a centuries-old model of liberal education: an overarching study of the human experience, including humanity’s history, the physical world in which we live, and the natural laws of reality that bind us.

Our program is also more than just a series of courses.  Spiritual formation is integrated into the experience: Lauds or Mass (TLM), Vespers, Rosary, Angelus, grace before and after meals, Adoration chapel.

Collegium students receive the academic and spiritual tools to become thoughtful, productive members of society, who can think clearly, independently, and creatively, thus serving the needs of most employers, and to engage society in dialogue leading to the Truth - true evangelization.