About Our School

Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical or opportune moment. It is often used in contrast to ‘chronos’ (as in chronological) when action is dictated by the chronology of a calendar. It is of educational significance, because there are opportune moments to impart learning with students – there are moments when they are intensely interested in a particular topic or activity and they will learn voraciously, and there are moments when they are not at all and learning is dreary.

When we founded Kairos in 2017, it seemed the time was exactly right for a school whose goal was to create lifelong learners—people who not only possess a great joy for learning but also the ability to adapt and thrive within an ever-changing and increasingly complex global society.

We encourage students to explore their interests in depth in order to create a deep and intuitive ability to learn. We hope to engender a sense of optimism and resilience about the future and seek to build a community that works to help students become their best selves through service to our local community. We strive to make our unique educational opportunities affordable to families who could not otherwise afford a private Montessori education by carefully controlling tuition costs, offering sibling discounts and offering scholarship funds.

We believe that a happy life comes from loving and serving one another. We explore cultures, tradition and religions from around the world and accept students of all races, nationalities and creeds but celebrate key Christian events, including Christmas, Easter and certain religious holidays, bringing joy and strength into our students’’ everyday life.

We seek to cultivate in students a deep respect and appreciation for nature so that they can act as conscious stewards for tomorrow. We try to model this ethos by being deeply integrated within a sustainability ethos in our approach to energy, water and waste management, as well as food supply, gardening and ecological awareness events.

We embrace the involvement of parents and grandparents in the academic, physical, emotional and spiritual development of the child as we see the family as the bedrock of our students’ young lives.