Maryknoll Sisters

Devoting our lives in service overseas to help those in need

The mission of the Maryknoll Sisters is to give witness to God’s love, and devote our lives in service overseas. We accomplish this through our work as nurses, doctors, teachers, theologians, social workers, environmentalists and more, we serve the needs of the people where we are missioned, and focus their efforts on the poor, the ailing and the marginalized.  

In 1912, seeing the need for missionaries and feeling the call to a life a service, a group of woman came together and our mission began- making us the first group of Catholic Sisters in the United States founded for overseas mission work.  Today we have approximately 400 Sisters who have dedicated their lives to serving others in 24 locations around the world.

Our Sisters come from 29 countries and continue as pioneers – women on the world’s geographical frontiers moving toward new understandings of the human condition. We seek to respond to the hungers and needs of the times:

  • human trafficking,
  • immigration issues
  • ecological concerns
  • peace
  • spiritual hunger
  • reconciliation. 

We offer our talents and expertise while being life-long learners and collaborators with the people with whom we share life in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. We express our vocation through our presence and service as medical professionals, teachers, theologians, social workers, pastoral ministers, journalists, therapists, promoters of peace and trauma healing, supporters of indigenous rights, artists, community developers, and partners in prayer.

If you would like to learn more about the Maryknoll Sister please feel free to contact us. 

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