Holy Trinity Catholic High School

Holy Trinity Catholic High School is a private coeducational Catholic college-preparatory secondary school committed to the fulfillment of the educational ministry of the Church.  We share with the parents, as well as the entire faith community, the obligation to provide each individual with the opportunity to share in the Catholic heritage through a gospel-based education of the highest academic quality. Each student is seen as a gift from God and the future of our Christian community. As stewards of these gifts, we feel it is our obligation to provide sound spiritual formation, as well as moral, academic and physical education of the highest quality.  We have supported these priorities with a full-time campus ministry program, strong moral guidance, a challenging academic curriculum, and a growing extracurricular and physical education program.

Mission Statement 

Holy Trinity Catholic High School seeks to form the Christian Leaders of Tomorrow; we strive to develop the intellect, educate the heart, and form the character of each student by giving witness to Gospel values. 

Vision Statement 

Guided by the Holy Spirit in a Catholic environment Holy Trinity seeks to empower every student to graduate with superior academic knowledge, maturity, and confidence founded in Christian values for the achievement of life long success.