Saint Hilary School

Founded in 1963 by the Sisters of the Holy Faith, Saint Hilary School is a unique blend of a traditional and progressive practice. Our whole-child approach to education prepares our well rounded and graduates for success in the Bay Area's most rigorous college preparatory high schools, and in life.

Led by a team of professional and dedicated teachers, our academic program is rigorous, inquiry-based and engaging. We take tremendous pride in being an innovative Catholic school. From our school-wide Accelerated Reader program to our Apple Distinguished Technology Program to our Amplify Science program we strive to present our students with the best possible academic opportunities.

The excellence of our academic program is enhanced by the active participation of our families - our partners in education. This is an active and supportive community with parent volunteers, school and parish-wide community-building events, and an Ambassador Program for new families, promote a trust and camaraderie within our community that allows us to educate students at the highest level.

As a Catholic school, we believe that the religious and spiritual development of the child is indispensable in attaining a genuine whole-child education. By teaching about the Catholic Faith, both Catholics and non-Catholics learn a common set of values, beliefs, and expectations.

"We are a community of learners who proudly embrace all of the gifts God has given us.

We look forward to welcoming you onto our campus.  God bless and go Tigers!"

-- Marie Bordeleau, Principal 

Here we focus on educating the whole child which includes a focus on real character in addition to providing an excellent academic foundation. When you entrust your child to the teachers and staff members of Saint Hilary School, you make a commitment to give your son or daughter a chance to learn about virtue, to embrace decency, and to experience what it means to be compassionate, honest and caring. Academics are of critical importance to us, but a full education includes other facets of life here at our school: learning about faith, community, discussing what it means to be a moral person, putting into action those spiritual values that inspire many people, Catholic or not, to choose a Catholic school for their beloved children.