Santa Clara Parish
  • Oxnard, CA, USA

Mission Statement

We, the community of Santa Clara Parish in Oxnard, California, affirm that, as Roman Catholics in union with our Archbishop, are called by Jesus Christ to praise and serve God. We accept responsibility to cultivate a spirit of love, respect and service in our parish community. We further pledge to reach out in this same spirit to others. As stewards of God's creation, we wholeheartedly dedicate our time, 
‚Äčtalents and treasure, individually and collectively, to building up the kingdom of God.


Santa Clara Parish is a beautiful community in Oxnard, California, consisting of a Church, Chapel, Elementary School and St. Joseph Convent.


Jul 12, 2019
Assistant Music Director  Job description:  This individual will be under our Music Director supervision and together will provide the support to our weekend and weekdays liturgies, First Communion, Confirmation, Baptism liturgies, etc. (Spanish & Spanish). This includes the building up of choirs and music volunteers. The candidate must have knowledge and experience of Catholic liturgies (at least five years). Being a musician at Santa Clara involves working with the music director, cantors and other musicians.  Requirements: Able to plan and organize English and Spanish liturgies at Santa Clara Church, Chapel, and School. master his/her instruments. Be willing to listen and follow directions from the Music Director and to collaborate with fellow musicians and cantors (piano and organ experience important)   Salary is based on 34-40 hours a week.  
Santa Clara Parish Oxnard, California, USA Full time