St. Patrick Academy
  • Portsmouth, NH, USA

Because joy should be in the journey.

Saint Patrick Academy offers a personalized quest to become the best version of yourself as God intended you to be. This is what we mean by Education Fully Alive. With an ideal student to teacher ratio, standardized test scores in the top 1-15%, and a joyful culture that encourages the practice of virtue, SPA offers the most rigorous and exciting Preschool through Grade 8 program on the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Our Mission 

Anchored on the truths of the Catholic Faith, Saint Patrick Academy’s mission sets us apart from every public school in all 50 states and from most other private schools as well. At Saint Patrick Academy, children come to see that they are made in the image and likeness of a God who LOVES them. This LOVE, which resides at the center of our curriculum, then becomes the source of our students’ confidence, trust and joy. It shapes their souls and frees them to live a happy life. The life that God intended.

The lofty goal of our independent school’s program is to inspire children to be fully alive and to equip them with a supernatural vision and a Christian worldview so that they can live as witnesses to the Gospel.

Saint Patrick Academy is living proof that excellence in both spiritual formation and academics is possible.  In fact, it is preferable. Each day our private school’s students engage in a rigorous curriculum that has placed them within the top 1-15% of all students in the country. Each day our students gather to ask for the blessing of Our Lord.  There are a lot of things that set our private K-8 school apart, but this union of the mind and heart is perhaps the biggest.


St. Patrick Academy believes it is important to form all aspects of the human person. Because of this, they not only offer excellent academics but athletic programs, theater, and many clubs and activities.


Saint Patrick Academy is a place where academic and personal excellence are expectations for all. With our smaller classroom size, we are able to truly know our students and help them to become the best version of themselves. We aim to individualize our programming so as to challenge those students who are ready for the extra push while encouraging those who need more assistance. By learning and practicing virtues such as kindness, honesty, humility, and generosity, this becomes our foundation for success in every area of our lives.

The Saint Patrick Academy community works together to help students know God, serve God, and love God. The students experience the Catholic faith and its teachings firsthand so that they can work for the common good and go out into the world as an example of Christ’s light. At Saint Patrick Academy, we start our day with morning prayer, say grace, attend weekly mass, celebrate religious holidays, learn about faith in religion class, and focus on service to others.


Jul 25, 2019
Middle School Math/Science Teacher Job Description: Saint Patrick Academy (SPA) is seeking a Middle School (7th and 8th grade) Math and Science teacher. SPA is a Catholic school serving students from Preschool-through 8th grade in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Lower School is comprised of Preschool-4th grade, and the Middle School houses grades 5-8. SPA provides a challenging and enriched curriculum that allows graduates to achieve success in the high schools of their choice. As a newly independent school, SPA seeks highly motivated teachers to help enrich the school's community, Catholic faith-life, and academic experience. Teachers must possess excellent oral and written skills with both colleagues and the community. Requirements:  The ideal candidate is comfortable working in a faith-filled environment; has experience in teaching science and math; has experience with, and a passion for, Middle School students and Middle Level education; and has experience in the development of curriculum and instruction, as well as a willingness to develop expertise in social emotional learning, project based learning, STEM instruction, and differentiated instruction. SPA teachers are expected to demonstrate meaningful skill with technology in order to create authentic learning experiences for their students. Teachers with certification and practicing Catholics are preferred for this position.   If interested in this position, please click the APPLY NOW button below.     
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