All Saints Parish
  • Corning, New York, USA

"It is our prayer that you find a spiritual home in All Saints Parish community. We are a Catholic family of disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit to enthusiastically build-up the Kingdom of God. We strive to be a family of learning disciples, joyful worshipers, genuine friends, and families and individuals finding strength. We desire to be a place of love and service, welcoming people, healing and hope, and discovering God’s love. We work to be a people who seek God’s guidance, discover gifts, and empower others. We hope to be united, share Good News, and make a difference."


All Saints Parish is a Catholic family growing closer to the Lord in faith, hope and love. As disciples of Jesus, parishioners develop their knowledge of Scripture and Church teaching. They embrace a Catholic understanding of the world. They joyfully gather together to worship and pray. All Saints Parish is a place where people develop life long friendships, where grace and forgiveness are generously extended, where families and marriages are strong, youth are faithful to Christ, children discover God, and where single people joyfully experience God’s vocation.

It is a place where people develop spiritual maturity. Parishioners discover and use their gifts and talents to become equipped for significant ministry and leadership. They collaborate to bring people to Jesus and serve those around them. In the spirit of stewardship, members eagerly respond with time, talent and treasure, meeting all the pastoral and financial needs of the parish.

All Saints Parish staff is united in vision and in love to serve the parish community. The staff openly shares their God given creativity to further the Gospel. The staff encourages and supports each other in word, prayer, and fellowship. Utilizing their gifts and joyfully collaborating, they work to empower parishioners in their giftedness and leadership abilities to serve God’s people. They are approachable to the parish community.

It is our dream that, by the grace of God, the Lord would call us good and faithful servants. That we have glorified Him, and that He is at the center of all that we do. That we have faithfully carried out the ministry of reconciliation entrusted to us. That we have cultivated the experience of Baptism in the Holy Spirit as it is reflected in our lives. That we have followed His guidance and will.



All Saints Parish is a Catholic family of disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit to enthusiastically build-up the Kingdom of God.