St. Joseph Catholic Church

 Our Vision

Saint Joseph Parish will be a family of disciples centered on the Eucharist with every member committed to stewardship and evangelization.

Our Mission

to Live as Disciples of Jesus by fully embracing the Four Pillars of Stewardship and inviting others to do the same so that we can continue to be A Parish Family for Others, for God's Glory.


We have adopted Four Pillars that are practical ways for each of us at St. Joseph Parish to fully embrace “Stewardship as a Way of Life.” Stewards see everything as God’s gift and respond with gratitude and generosity for all His blessings. Each of us is called to live out our own Stewardship as A Way of Life as best we can in our own circumstances. As Baptized Christians we have a commissioning to be Christ’s disciples in the world. We fulfill this responsibility and call to discipleship by living out Stewardship as a Way of Life. The good news is that St. Joseph has always been living out Stewardship, but organizing and defining our actions gives us the freedom and ability to invite others (or ourselves) into a deeper relationship with Christ and others through this newly defined Way of Life.

What are the Four Pillars

Hospitality - A friendly and generous welcoming of everyone as Christ Himself
Prayer - Expressing reverence for and devotion to God
Formation - A structured and dedicated time to better know God and His Love for us
Service - The act of helping others out of Love for Christ and neighbor