St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School

St. Clare of Assisi Catholic K-8 School is located in Edwards, CO, and has an enrollment of 120 students. We follow the Archdiocese of Denver curriculum standards, which can be accessed at:

At Saint Clare of Assisi Catholic School, we live, spread, and celebrate the gospel values of Respect, Responsibility, and Reverence in a Catholic environment. We embrace a challenging, safe, and nurturing environment that enriches the heart, mind, and soul for life.

Our vision is to form disciples intellectually, spiritually, physically, and socially so that they may hear God’s call in their life and have the needed abilities and skills to respond to that call in service to God and community.

St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School is located in the beautiful mountain town of Edwards, CO, about 20 minutes west of Vail, CO. To learn more about Edwards and the surrounding area, please visit