Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College

Students at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College benefit from an intellectually stimulating and academically challenging post-secondary liberal arts program provided by quality Catholic professors. The low student-teacher ratio allows for personal attention and ample discussion, and our students typically excel in the fields of study they go on to pursue.

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College currently offers a 3-year Bachelor of Catholic Studies degree, as well as one-, two-, and three-year certificates in the classical liberal arts. This degree is being accepted by some institutions for direct admittance to graduate programs, and we are currently working on agreements with more institutions. Our next goal is a 4-year honours degree, and as we work towards that, students who wish to have an honours degree will still be able to complete a 4th year at numerous institutions in Canada, the US, and internationally.  In most cases our students have been able to get an honours degree from one of these colleges or universities with just one additional year of study.

Our program features courses in Philosophy, Theology, Literature, History, Languages, Mathematics, Music, Fine Arts, and Natural and Social Science. These studies help to deepen the student’s appreciation of the richness of his or her Catholic faith, and offer the intellectual tools needed to be an effective apostle in the third millennium.

Our identity as a faithful Catholic institution is of utmost importance at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College. Our students study, pray and live in a vibrant Catholic atmosphere where all the professors are faithful to the Magisterium. There is the opportunity for daily Mass, confession and devotions, and the Faith is joyfully lived out in both residence and social life.

Catholic Theology and Philosophy are part of our core curriculum, and students who have studied at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom are well prepared to live and defend their Faith in the world. At Seat of Wisdom, our students, faculty and staff work and pray together in a community where we are all striving toward a common ultimate goal – Heaven, for ourselves and for those God brings into our lives.