Mulier Care

Our Why

A woman who struggles with a crisis or unplanned pregnancy needs help in many ways. Some women are experiencing trauma or coercion to make a decision that is not their own. Some women need more information to make an informed decision. Some women need more time to contemplate their futures. Some need a confidential and safe space to speak to a client advocate to hear what is going on in their lives.

We are here to empower women to make decisions that will not endanger themselves, their children, their families, or their loved ones. We are here to offer HELP.

We will never shame a woman, we will never force an agenda on a woman, and we will never treat a woman with anything other than with grace and dignity. That is what we do. The choice they make is their own choice. We will pray with them if that is what they desire. We will pray for them always. Our ministry is service. Our mission is to offer help. Always.