Bishop Machebeuf High School

Authentically Catholic. Learn it. Live it.

Bishop Machebeuf High School was established in 1959 and is named after Bishop Joseph P. Machebeuf, the first bishop of Colorado.

Our Mission

Based on the foundation and heritage of Bishop Joseph P. Machebeuf, our mission is to be an academic community of faith that strives to form the hearts, minds, and souls of our students in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the living Tradition of the Catholic Church.

Our Spirit of Community

Everyone at Bishop Machebeuf High School is an important member of the community. That's what creates the spirit you'll feel on our campus. Students and faculty truly care about each other as people and respect each other as individuals. With only 380 students, you will get to know people well and have the opportunity to make close friends. You will spend time with other students in the classrooms, in the Commons, on the playing field, and in the various co-curricular activities offered at Machebeuf. Whatever happens, everyone values your effort. You'll find this community spirit everywhere at Machebeuf.

Our Values

Our Core Values are Devotion to God, Academic Excellence, Community Service, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity, Christian Morality.

Our Promise

Students will experience a more complete development as well as unsurpassed academic and personal success. We deliver a rigorous academic curriculum, faith formation, a nurturing community, and reinforce the family environment.




Bishop Machebeuf High School strives to form students into well rounded individuals by offering a rigorous education, quality sports programs, and teaching them how to give of themselves. 

The college preparatory curriculum at Machebeuf is designed to prepare students for their academic futures, eventually placing them in a college that is the best fit. A Machebeuf student is one who accepts challenges, asks pertinent questions, and strives to develop and meet their own academic goals.

We take pride in our student athletes who work hard to juggle both academic progress and play a sport throughout their High School years. To date, we are proud to have 100% placement of athletes that had goals to play on a collegiate level over the last 2 years.

We also teach our students the importance of service, and have brought groups on mission trips and pilgrimages around the world.


If you are interested in learning more about our school and community please check out our Website and feel free to contact us! Go Buffs! 


Along with being recognized as one of the top 50 Catholic High Schools in the United States, Bishop Machebeuf was awarded the title of a National Catholic Education Honor Roll School by The Cardinal Newman Society.