A Place where great Catholic Talent meets great Catholic Opportunities

Welcome to  We are a company dedicated to the Catholic Job Market and based on the world wide web.  However, we are not, and don’t want to be “Just another Website”.  We are real people working real hard trying to connect Great Candidates with Great Jobs in the Catholic Job Market.  We have designed our site to feature not only the Job but the organization behind the Job, not only the experience of the Candidates, but much more about who they are as well.  Our goal is nothing short of being the premier exchange where great Catholic Talent meets great Catholic Opportunities! 

I have spent 16 years as a corporate executive recruiter, and there is no shortage of Blogs and Books on the importance of effective hiring in the secular corporate world.   To build a great organization you must hire the best possible people for the position.  That is why we have adopted the slogan “Helping to Build the Body of Christ, One Great Hire at a Time”, and that is what we are here to help you do!

Whether you have just one occasional position open or you have constant hiring needs for your growing organization, whether you are in a major metro area or a small Parish on the plains of Kansas, there is a great hire out there just waiting to come together and we here at are here to provide a platform and services to assist you in making that great hire happen.

It is a privilege to assist you in this process! 

Pax et Bonum!

Mark Crabtree
Managing Partner