May 20, 2020

Communications Administrative Assistant

  • St. Nicholas Catholic Church
  • 712 Little Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Part time Admin-Clerical Communications Design Internet/Social Media

Job Description

Job Description

SUMMARY/PURPOSE: The Administrative Assistant for Communications publishes a weekly parish bulletin and provides media assistance to the parish as directed by the Pastor and Pastoral Associate / Business Manager utilizing Constant Contact, Facebook, Ministry Scheduler Pro, Signup Genius, and the parish website. It is a support position answering the needs of the Pastor, Pastoral Associate / Business Manager and the Ministerial Staff.


Parish Communications:
1. Publishes weekly bulletin;
2. Executes updates to parish social media outlets and website as directed;
3. Designs and sends weekly email blasts through Constant Contact for parish events and as needed for funeral announcements;
4. Creates parish event and seasonal fliers using Canva or Microsoft Publisher;
5. Stays current on our media resources from LPI and Catholic Social Media.

General Secretarial:
1. Maintains shared files for bulletin announcements and photos;
2. Inputs Calendar updates to the parish Google Calendar;
3. Assists staff and committees with digital design of announcements and fliers.

Administrative Responsibilities:
1. Communicates with staff, chairpersons, committees and parishioners at the direction of the Pastor and/or the Pastoral Associate;
2. Networks with staff and parish leadership to facilitate publicity for parish events and programs;
3. Fulfills other duties as assigned.

Staff Responsibilities:
1. Familiarizes oneself with the personnel policies as contained in "Called to Work in Harmony" (Fourth edition) and follows policies accordingly;
2. Reports difficulties in work to the Pastoral Associate/Business Manager.

Responsibilities to the Pastor and Pastoral Associate / Business Manager:
1. Handles public media/marketing at the direction of the Pastor and the Pastoral Associate/Business Manager.

Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities:
1. Must be a practicing Catholic with a love for the Catholic Church;
2. Passion for evangelizing through media;
3. A joyful, charitable, and prayerful presence;
4. Thrives in team environments and has the ability to work collaboratively and in solidarity with the Administration;
5. Effective organizer, planner, and implementer of plans;
6. Mission driven;
7. Strong verbal and written communication skills; proficient in publishing e-newsletters and fliers.
8. Proficiency in Word, Excel, and Microsoft Office; Technological proficiency in email and text communication, web, Facebook, etc.


Applicants for the Communications Administrative Assistant position should provide the following:

1. Resume and cover letter

2. Two professional and one personal letter of recommendation.

3. Written answers (no more than 200 words) to the following questions:
• What skills and experience do you bring to this position both technically and spiritually?
• In which technical skills do you believe you need further training, experience, or practice?


Application materials should be sent to:


St. Nicholas Catholic Church
Communications Administrative Assistant Application
Attn.: Lora Di Nardo
712 Little Neck Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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