Jul 04, 2020

Catholic Marriage Prep Full-Time Online Instructor

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Job Description

Agape Catholic Ministries is looking for Full-time Online Marriage Prep Instructor Couples to mentor engaged couples one-on-one along the guidelines set forth by the Catholic Church. The goal is to help them build a Christ-centered marriage, and for many to help foster a deep conversion. This ministry is an opportunity to reach out to the newly engaged and pass on the beautiful facets of the faith. You will mentor the engaged couples through our marriage prep program, answer their questions, and share personal marriage experiences with them. Instructors will get the couples to think and discuss each topic together first, in order for them to find their own answers. This heuristic process will allow the couples to stay engaged in the subjects being discussed and will help them own the knowledge that is being passed on. Instructors will ensure excellent interaction with the engaged couples, follow great service standards and maintain high customer satisfaction. You will accomplish this full-time from your own home with flexible hours. Instructors must be married and Catholic for at least five years. We require couples who are passionate to share the Catholic faith and who are driven to persevere to accomplish this task to engaged couples. Let your incentive and motivation be your faith and love of Christ. If you have the time and fervor for inspiring others in the sacrament of marriage then apply today. To learn more about the position please go to https://www.catholicmarriageprep.com/job-openings.

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