Aug 09, 2020

Pastoral Leader

  • St. Andrew Catholic Church
  • Work with priest and staff in office. Offsite is possible on occasion
Full time Customer Service

Job Description

Small parish in East Texas has need of a spiritual and organizational revival. The newly arrived pastor needs a helper to revitalize, reorganize and reshape the identity of a 25 year old community.

The parish has 700 families, 50/50 Anglo/Hispanic. The present staff are all part-time or volunteers. The parish has proficient and willing volunteers in faith formation and liturgical celebration.

The candidate. The successful candidate will have a deep love for Jesus and a heart for God's holy people. He or she must be a Catholic in full communion, and supportive of the vision of Pope Francis. The successful candidate will be competent in Spanish. The person must be well-read and articulate, unafraid to educate and challenge the pastor with new ideas and vision.

Job description
The job will be multi-faceted.
1. The pastoral Assistant will help shape vision, work with Administration and Faith Formation in uniting the parish.
2. The successful candidate will assist the pastor in developing a renewed spiritual life in the parish through liturgy, introduction of various movements and adult faith formation.
3. It is essential that the person be tech savvy for two reason. a) The successful candidate will be tasked with developing and administrating a social media presence through innovative thinking and the development of a team to carry out the goal. b) successful candidate will, in partnership with volunteer DRE and teachers, put into place a long-term online program of faith formation for children and their parents.

Salary and accommodation can be negotiated according to education and experience. Degree in theology and ministerial experience are an advantage, but by no means essential. Above all, the job demands vision and enthusiasm, an ability and a willingness to work with an opinionated strong employer. The successful candidate must attend daily and Sunday Mass in the parish.

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