Sep 13, 2020

Parish Life Director

  • Catholic Diocese of Lexington
Full time Ministry, Pastoral

Job Description

The Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd is seeking a full-time Parish Life Director to begin on January 1, 2021.  The Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd is located in Campton, Kentucky, and is part of the Mission Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky. The parish comprises one county, Wolfe, an area of 223 square miles with an estimated population of 7157 persons. 

Pastoral Responsibilities: 

  1. Nurture a sense of community within the parish and foster an atmosphere in which the free and generous sharing of gifts given for the good of the community is a priority.
  2. Provide the various rites and celebrations of the Church’s official prayer, in accord with the faculties granted.
  3. Encourage a strong sense of discipleship that expresses itself in outreach to the poor, the elderly, the needy, the sick, as well as in other social action and evangelization.
  4. Collaborate with the Presbyteral Moderator in preparing parishioners for the sacraments.
  5. Oversee the religious formation of children, youth, and adults.
  6. Assist those in the parish seeking assistance from the diocesan tribunal.
  7. Exercise ministry in a spirit of collegiality and subsidiarity.
  8. Relate aspects of parish life to the life and mission of both the diocesan and universal church.
  9. Initiate and provide for ecumenical involvement wherever possible.
  10. Maintain knowledge about resources in the local area in order to make appropriate referrals.

Administrative Responsibilities: 

  1. Observe all canonical and diocesan norms and policies in all that pertains to parish pastoral  administration.
  2. Involve parishioners in the administrative functions of the parish.
  3. Preside at meetings of the Parish Finance Council and Town Halls, in the absence of the Presbyteral Moderator.
  4. Familiarize the Parish Finance Council with their administrative role and evaluate their performance in this role.
  5. Collaborate with the Presbyteral Moderator in the hiring and dismissal of staff.
  6. Supervise and evaluate four part-time staff who operate outreach ministries of the parish.
  7. Submit and approve payroll bimonthly and be familiar with legal requirements of the employer/employee relationship of diocesan employees.
  8. Submit required reports, respecting deadlines established by the diocese.
  9. Keep accurate records, particularly insofar as these reflect the sacramental life of the parish.
  10. Preside at meetings within the parish as required.
  11. Exercise stewardship over parish properties, and help to foster a sense of stewardship (development, divestment, and care for creation) within the parish.
  12. Oversee the budget process in collaboration with Parish Finance Council in ways consistent with their role.
  13. Oversee all parish maintenance, repairs and construction.
  14. Maintain relationships with supporters and donors to the parish from outside the diocese.

 Diocesan Responsibilities:  

  1. Ensure familiarity with diocesan policies, handbooks and procedures.
  2. Demonstrate support for the mission of the Diocese.
  3. Attend regional meetings, including regularly scheduled Mountain East Deanery meetings, parish cluster meetings (business meetings, days of reflection, and socials.)

 Position Specifications/Requirements: 

  1. Active, faithful membership in the Roman Catholic Church, including a deep love for God and for God’s people.
  2. General good health (physical, psychological, spiritual).
  3. Liturgically based spirituality centered on the prayer life of the Church.
  4. Skill as an initiator, ability to organize, to work collaboratively, to facilitate and to delegate.
  5. Experience in maintaining confidentiality.
  6. Reasonable familiarity with the area, people and culture.
  7. Commitment to personal and professional growth.
  8. Flexibility and adaptability.


  1.  A Bachelor Degree in a field related to Parish Ministry is required. A Master Degree in Pastoral Ministry, Theology, Scripture, Liturgy or related area is preferred.
  2. Experience of three or more years in some phase of Parish Ministry or Parish Administration.
  3. Skills or experience in sacramental rites, liturgy of the Word, prayer, homiletics, canon law, administration, team ministry, budgeting and finance would be beneficial.

Application Instructions: Cover letter, resume, and five (5) professional references should be submitted to the attention of the Diocese of Lexington Human Resource Director at

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