Apr 15, 2021

Coordinator of Youth Outreach

  • Benedictine College Youth Outreach
Full time Education: University/College Ministry, Campus Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Youth Mission Work Nonprofit

Job Description

Position Summary

The Youth Outreach Coordinator is responsible for developing and managing faith-based initiatives that allow Benedictine College students to serve middle school and high school students in the 6 state area (MINCKT). Extensive networking with youth ministers, Catholic schools, and Archdiocesan Directors of Youth Ministry is necessary to deepen relationships with current constituents and engage new constituents. The Youth Outreach Coordinator must collaborate with Academic Dean, VP for Enrollment Management, VP of College relations, and Events Management Team to run the BCYC Summer Programs and maintain excellent communication with parents, participants, youth ministers, and other outside constituents involved in Youth Outreach programs. The Youth Outreach Coordinator must take the Oath of Fidelity agreeing to be faithful to teach/ train on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Essential Functions

  1. Set Free Retreat Team
    • Recruit and train students to lead retreats for high school and middle school students within the 6 state region.
    • Research and train students on retreat ministry ‘best practices’ ensuring that they align with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church
    • Maintain and cultivate relationships with Youth Ministers and schools who host a Set Free Retreat.
  2. Oversee the Underground Ministry Program and Team
    • Train student leaders to carry out the Underground program for high school students on campus monthly
    • Book and maintain relationships with speakers for Underground events throughout the year
    • Cultivate and maintain relationships with Youth Ministers who attend Underground
  3. Oversee the BCYC Summer Conferences and Missionary Team
    • Recruit and train student leaders as missionaries 
    • Run a successful and fruitful missionary program for Benedictine College Students for 8 weeks during the summer
    • Train BCYC Missionaries in Youth Ministry ‘best practices’
    • Work with the Marketing Department, Academic Departments, Admissions Department, and Events Management Team to facilitate BCYC
    • Manage all marketing and enrollment of BCYC Immersion and Encounter
    • Plan and run BCYC Immersion sessions and BCYC Encounter weekends each summer
    • Work in collaboration with LifeTeen and Casting Nets Ministries to facilitate the LifeTeen Leadership Conference and the Transform Your World New Evangelization Camp



B.A in Theology, Evangelization, Youth Ministry, or related field.


Applicants for this position should have a minimum of two years of higher education experience in teaching, college ministry, youth ministry, or related field.

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