May 25, 2021

House Parents

  • St. Nicholas Academy
Full time Counseling Education: Elementary Ministry, Youth Social Work

Job Description

Are you interested in changing the lives of children for the better? In giving them the best opportunity possible to succeed in school and life? If so, become a Houseparent at the St. Nicholas Academy! Houseparents are married couples who live at St. Nicholas Academy, a beautiful facility in Jefferson City, Missouri and care for boys aged 5 to 18.

The Academy partners with St. Peter Interparish School and works closely with its staff.  You will be a supervising adult presence committed to providing a stable, loving and supportive home environment while ensuring the health and wellbeing of our boarding students. You are essential in managing each student’s home away from home, by preparing them for school each morning, cooking dinner, providing transportation to school and enrichment opportunities, helping with homework, assisting them in their daily lives, and more. Houseparents are there for their students before and after school, ensuring they have the care, structure, and opportunities to thrive in all areas of life. They also serve as role models by guiding, correcting, encouraging, nurturing, and inspiring their students.

This is a year-round, full-time position. Each houseparent receives a salary plus a compensation package that includes a rent-free apartment, meals, utilities, and use of a minivan.  Check us out and apply at or cal 573-634-5000.

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