Jul 29, 2021

Vice President of Finance

  • Partnership Schools
  • New York, NY, USA
Full time Finance

Job Description

Position: Vice President of Finance 

Location: New York, New York 

Type: Full-Time Salaried 


We are Partnership Schools. 

We believe that great schools are guided by faith and values, grounded in rigorous content,  supported by quality professional development, and animated by a clear vision. As a network of nine  urban Catholic schools in Harlem, the South Bronx, and Cleveland, we are led by talented and  dedicated teachers and school leaders, and supported by a central team of education, finance, and  operational leaders. 

Granted operational management of nine long-standing Pre-K to 8th grade schools, we are  committed to providing students in historically underserved neighborhoods with the academic  preparation, faith, values, and skills they need to excel in school and in life. 

The historic success of urban Catholic schools stems not only from a rigorous tradition of academic  excellence, but also from an emphasis on developing self-worth, moral character, a love of learning,  and a sense of civic responsibility—all part of our long-standing commitment to educating the whole  child. Partnership Schools is unique in knitting this tradition together with lessons from high achieving public, charter, and independent schools, in the service of our students. Today, as a School  Management Organization (SMO), the Partnership is intensifying its efforts to break the cycle of  poverty and close the achievement gap across our network schools. 

Partnership Schools is also recognized as a leader in the burgeoning Catholic school renaissance—a  nationwide effort to strengthen and rebuild urban Catholic schools as models of academic rigor and  faith-based education. 


Our shared core values of Integrity, Humility, Hard Work, and Service are alive in our schools and  guide all that we do. 


“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching.”—C.S. Lewis At Partnership Schools, we seek to give all students a clear understanding of the moral principles  and virtues on which the Catholic faith and tradition is built. From that framework, we are  committed to building a community where all individuals act with honesty, forthrightness, and  respect.



“Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”—C.S. Lewis Developing humility in our students means understanding and appreciating the unique gifts and  potential of every member of the community, and working together to ensure that everyone works  hard to achieve his/her highest potential. That requires hard work, selflessness, and an appreciation  for what we can learn from everyone around us. It also implies judging ourselves not in comparison  with others, but in light of our capabilities. And it requires us to focus on developing our gifts not for  our own personal gain, but to serve others. 

Hard work 

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”— St. Francis of Assisi 

Hard work, persistence, and determination are essential to learning and success. At Partnership  Schools, we expect all students, teachers, and leaders to work hard; to give 100 percent 100 percent  of the time. 


“Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love.”—Mother Teresa 

At Partnership Schools, we aim to develop “young men and women for others.” We are committed to  serving others, both within the four walls of our schools and beyond. To that end, teachers  emphasize cultivating individual student gifts, broadening students’ understanding of the  community and the world, and using our gifts in service of the community in which we live and  work. 


The Vice-President of Finance serves as the senior finance professional for Partnership  Schools, reporting to the Executive Director, and managing the three-person network  finance team, outsourced finance and accounting resources, and a $25MM budget. The VP  will oversee the day-to-day management of the organization and network’s financial  operations, including the allocation of resources to best serve the network needs. The VP  will provide information and analysis and collaborate with the Executive Director, Chief of  Staff, and Superintendent on a regular basis. The VP will also work closely with the  Finance and Audit Committees of the Board of Trustees (composed of seasoned finance  professionals), external auditors, EdOps (our outsourced finance and accounting team), and  other outside parties and implement financial directives authorized by the Board. As a senior leader, the VP develops a strategic plan for finance each year, aligning  resources with priorities and ensuring sound controls are in place. The VP supports school  operational teams with information and analysis critical to decision-making. S/he is  responsible for the integrity and transparency of the finances for Partnership Schools, as  well as for those of our our seven-school network in New York that employs over 250 school  site team members, and for Partnership Schools Cleveland, which houses our two network  schools in Cleveland, Ohio, employing over 40 school-site team members. 

As the Partnership looks ahead, it hopes to expand beyond the current nine schools in New  York and Cleveland in order to serve more students, have a greater impact, and to improve  overall sustainability. As a result, the VP will be critical in leading the effort to budget and 

forecast the various components of the strategic growth plan, as well as playing a lead role  in assuring the long-term sustainability of the network’s schools. 


  • Guide budget and financial planning
  • Supervise contracted accounting function and provide operational interface to contracted accounting function
  • Develop strong, collaborative relationships with board members, the senior leadership team, and staff throughout the network
  • Report and present on financial statements, reforecasts, and budget to the full board, finance and audit committees, and senior leadership team
  • Coordinate with board members to establish effective agendas, meeting dates and cadences for all full board and committee meetings pertaining to finance Coordinate with senior leadership team on financial reporting needs, cadences, and briefings
  • Supervise finance and accounting staff job duties
  • Provide school level detail to network and school management teams regarding financial reports and budgets

Fiscal Management 

  • Contribute financial input and consultation with senior management on strategic decisions
  • Forecast long-range projections to manage towards sustainability
  • Formulate, with EdOps (contracted accounting team), Chief of Staff, Superintendent, and school support staff, annual consolidated capital and operational budgets and multi-year financial planning efforts
  • Oversee the $45MM endowment and reserve fund, serving as the primary liaison with investment managers, reporting on valuations for equity, bond and private equity investments, including K1 activity
  • Manage cash flow and bank accounts
  • Prepare for and facilitate successful annual audit, IRS filings, and tax planning compliance
  • Serve as primary liaison with auditors, and Audit and Finance Committees of the Board
  • Manage biweekly payroll for Partnership personnel and oversee CESA (Catholic School Elementary Association - the entity under which our seven New York schools sit) and Cleveland biweekly payroll for over 290 staff 
  • Maintain and manage accounting, AP/AR, invoicing and payroll systems Accounting and Reporting
  • Oversee all accounts, ledgers, payroll and reporting systems, ensuring timely and accurate books and records in compliance with regulatory requirements Ensure restricted funds are controlled and disbursed in accordance with FASB regulations and donor intent, including legacy non-network scholarship obligations

  • Supply financial information, guidance and analysis to schools and network teams, including scheduled budget variance and donation reports; projections, trend and sensitivity analyses; and requested information for grant proposals and grant reports
  • Provide interim financial statements, projections, and analysis to Finance Committee of the Board, for the CESA, Cleveland, and Partnership entities Controls
  • Ensure financial controls and policies are in accordance with industry best practices Work closely with operations staff to ensure school staff complies with appropriate financial procedures

Compliance and Legal 

  • Manage governance, contractual, and insurance issues
  • Ensure regulatory and compliance requirements are fulfilled

Human Resources 

  • Be the primary liaison for the Partnership Schools team network (30 employees) for benefits, new hires, terminations, salary adjustments, and employee leave/vacation with our PEO (Professional Employment Organization) provider, ADP TotalSource
  • Oversee CESA and Cleveland employees’ benefits, new hires, and termination administration
  • Respond to employment verification and state unemployment insurance inquiries Procurement and Contract Management
  • Be responsible for RFPs, RFQs, contract writing/ negotiation, procurement policies and procedures, and vendor management (including vendor historical info, research, cost analyses, etc.


  • Bachelor’s degree, plus 10 years of financial management and accounting experience, with ever-expanding responsibilities
  • Commitment to the Partnership mission
  • Excellent financial analysis and communication skills
  • An MBA/MPA or CPA (not necessary, but helpful).
  • Knowledge of GAAP non-profit accounting rules and systems, experience with Sage Intacct a plus
  • Flexibility, resourcefulness, results-orientation


Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. The Partnership offers a  competitive benefits package and is an equal opportunity organization that values  diversity. 

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