Program Coordinator (Sports & Bible Study Missionary)

  • Catholic Sports
  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • Mar 22, 2024
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Job Description


Program Coordinator



Position Summary

The program coordinator missionary serves a parish/region, in the efforts to evangelize 18-39 year olds. Every program coordinator plans recreational sports leagues (basketball, ultimate, volleyball, wiffleball, etc.), fun social events and Bible studies. They implement their plans through recruiting and managing a volunteer team, which they will also disciple/form in the Catholics sports mission, vision and core values.

Program coordinators will work in a team of 2-4 missionaries and report to the National Program Director. They are encouraged to live with at least one missionary of the same gender, and at least two of their disciples, with intentional prayer and community among them. They will also work closely with the parish we partner with and they assigned to ensure a growing partnership and success for both Catholic Sports and our mission sponsor.

Approximation of weekly time breakdown:

  • 15% managing volunteer league managers and visiting their leagues
  • 15% Leading Bible studies & one-on-one mentorship
  • 50% administration/managing/forming volunteers, planning and marketing (building the community)
  • 15% networking for recruitment and growing participation in all areas
  • 5% fundraising maintenance or growth (post fundraising/training period)

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be striving for holiness by continuing to grow spiritually and intellectually in their orthodox Roman Catholic formation (Byzantine, Lithuanian, or other rites in union with Roman Catholicism included), and desire to lead a community of peers to knowing and loving Jesus Christ. They should be willing to step out of their comfort zone frequently in order to lead others in faith and morals and often be the first welcoming contact for young adults in a parish or city. No missionary can succeed without meeting people where they are at and patiently loving them. They also must have some affinity towards sports or enough familiarity to be confident in planning and leading leagues, with provided training. They will also need to be outgoing towards new people, as the position requires a lot of social networking and the creation of a hospitable environment requires good conversational skills. They must also be self-motivated and good at managing their time. All potential candidates will embody Catholic Sports’ values: Hospitable OutreachCatholic Orthodoxy, and Vulnerable Intimacy.

Position Requirements

  • Interpersonal skills are critical for managing and recruiting a team of volunteers (players, captains, socials event planners, Bible study leaders, league/operations assistants, etc.). This includes:

o   Ability to cast vision, mentor, and lead volunteers

o   Plan volunteer training/formation and appreciation

o   Implement our volunteer hierarchy leadership model

o   Maintaining and using a volunteer database/volunteer management system

  • 100% Catholic Missionary minded (all work should have eternal salvation at the forefront) – missionary work is a vocation/calling, which means it permeates to all aspects of life, unlike non-missionary jobs. This is why the position requires more than 50 hours, but a good portion of those hours should be in fun social settings that hardly seem like labor.
  • Organization, Time Management, Good Communication and Self Discipline

Position Duties

  • Event Planning & Coordination: Every missionary should manage at minimum 6 sports leagues and 8 social events annually (training and support is provided)
  • Formation planning: Every missionary will lead at least one Bible study and mentor its participants. They will also coordinate the regional Bible study outreach, including male, female, and young family studies. 
  • Volunteer Recruitment & Management: Every missionary must work diligently at inviting and encouraging peers to get involved in volunteer opportunities. The missionary will lead a monthly volunteer committee meeting and coordinate quarterly formation and team building events with all volunteers (volunteer, Bible study leaders & league captains).
  • Coordinating efforts with diocesan/parish personnel, including reporting to the local Bishop/Pastor and/or his representatives and work hard to explain and understand the relational evangelization vision of Catholic Sports in the Church.


Employees of Catholic Sports fundraise their personal income in order to further the mission (i.e. they are missionaries). Catholic Sports will internally train all missionaries on how to build an income producing support team from friends, family and referrals. The first nine weeks are set aside strictly for building this support team, which will sustain the missionaries in their work with Catholic Sports. Support team building is performed remotely near the missionary's home base.

During this initial trainee/fundraising season, missionaries will have the opportunity to earn significant bonuses towards achieving their income goals as well as a small stipend for finishing the first week of training. Missionaries are held accountable to fundraising goals based on their personal budget needs by an experienced Catholic Sports MPD coach. Missionaries are expected to raise $20k-$60k/year in personal income support depending on their needs.

Missionaries will also be offered benefits, not limited to, but such as:

  1. $300 rent subsidy, if they live in an approved formation house as described above after their initial fundraising/trainee period
  2. retirement contribution matching up to 3%
  3. health/vision/dental care premium reimbursement option

Professional Skills Acquired

  • A high proficiency in computer/technical skills (Microsoft Suite, Windows, social media marketing, email marketing, photo/video editing, graphic design, etc.)
  • Confidence in Public Speaking and/or Group Leadership
  • Sales or Development experience
  • Work in the sports industry
  • Event planning experience
  • Management and Leadership Development including opportunities to advance in Catholic Sports
  • Faith formation and development particularly around evangelization

Category:   Young Adult Ministry Experience:  0-5 years

Commitment: 2 years + 9 weeks of fundraising minimum commitment    

Potential Current Placement Locations: Denver, San Diego, Chicago Suburbs & DC


About Catholic Sports

Catholic Sports is a Denver based, national young adult recreational sports outreach. Our mission is to build authentic community through recreational sports. “We define authentic community as one that fills the void of emotional and spiritual loneliness (Gen Z. 18-25 year-olds are the loneliest generation according to 2018 Cigna Health research) by living our core values (Hospitable Outreach, Catholic Orthodoxy & Vulnerable Intimacy) while remaining rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Our recreational sports leagues allow players to enter this authentic community, through which they will be invited into our Bible Studies, so that they may continue to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus.”

We have seen incredible fruit in our apostolate and through our partnership parishes we are providing a community of belonging and conversion for young adults. Numerous marriages, re-conversions and conversions have happened as the Spirit works through our missionaries and volunteers. This work is bearing fruit…is God inviting you to the harvest through Catholic Sports?


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