Mar 18, 2022

Mission Leader

  • Catholic Mission Trips, Inc.
  • Locations: South Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, Dominican Republic
Seasonal Ministry, Music Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Youth Mission Work Nonprofit

Job Description

Catholic Mission Trips, Inc. is equipping youth to be missionary disciples. Responsibilities include working on a team of 4-5 to run week-long mission trips, ministering to teens, giving formation talks, leading small groups, assisting in construction projects, ensure safety on the work sites, serving the poor, personal prayer time, and creating grace-filled environments of fun, games, prayer, and spiritual enrichment for the youth. Included but not limited to: liturgy coordinating, meal shopping/prep, coordinating projects with contractors, investing time in relationship building with team & participants. At team training we will discern gifts, talents, and desires to seek where the Holy Spirit may be inviting us to exercise gifts or stretch to learn new skills to best work as a community. All applicants should possess a deep love for the Catholic faith, a servant’s heart, and a willingness to endure minor sufferings all for the greater honor and glory of God. The ideal candidate will be on fire for Christ, have excellent teamwork skills, have mission trip or youth ministry experience, and be flexible on the job. Applicants must be at least 20 years old to serve as a Junior Mission Leader and at least 23 years old to serve as a Senior Mission Leader. This position covers room and board, travel expenses, and a weekly stipend. Some fundraising is required. All staff are encouraged to do fundraising prior to the mission. Coaching for fundraising support provided upon job acceptance to start raising funds as soon as possible. Training includes 2 weeks of missionary discipleship formation, prayer, daily Mass, Adoration, team building, mission trip prep, and construction basic training. Training begins May 22nd and the summer mission season ends with a Mission Leader debrief retreat July 31-Aug 3th in Muenster, TX.

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