Jun 03, 2022

Director of Liturgy

  • Our Lady of Good Counsel
Full time Ministry, Music Ministry, Pastoral Religious Education

Job Description

Director of Liturgy

 To provide leadership in the planning, preparation, and carrying out of all parish liturgies.

The Director of Liturgy reports directly to the Pastor.


 Responsible for the planning and/or coordinating of all parish and school liturgical celebrations working in concert with all parish and school staff and volunteer ministers, including but not limited to, Weekend and Daily Liturgies; Sacramental Celebrations; Funerals, Weekly School Mass, Monthly Evening Prayer.

 Provides assistance, direction, and resources to these staff and volunteers for same.  

 Responsible for preparing all necessary materials and scripts needed for each liturgical celebration, including weekly Orders of Service.

 Responsible for the recruitment, and training of all liturgical ministers including Altar Servers, Cantors, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Minsters of Care, Music Ministers, Sacristans, Ushers, Wedding Coordinators, Funeral Ministers, and Church Environment Committee. Oversees the scheduling of all volunteer liturgical ministers.

 Ensures that all liturgical events are evaluated and that recommendations are recorded for appropriate consideration during the planning of future liturgical celebrations.

 Oversees the celebration of the Sacramental life of the parish.

 Responsible for maintaining an inventory of all consumable materials used in liturgical services, ordering them when required. This includes vestments, altar vessels, bread, wine, candles, linens, hosts, music, music equipment, and other supplies and materials used to enhance the worship environment.

 Responsible for coordinating the planning, setup and upkeep of the parish worship environment throughout the liturgical year.

 Serves as resource for all parish and school staff members as well as parishioners to promote an understanding and a development of skills for the celebration of the Church’s liturgy.

 Coordinates and works with parish ecumenical and interreligious representative in ecumenical activities. May represent the parish in ecumenical services workshops (and on civic planning committees).


 Direct parish choirs and/or ensembles as appropriate, including the Resurrection Choir. Prepare for and implement regular and special rehearsals. Provide organization and availability of the music needs of these groups.

 Responsible for preparing all necessary materials, including music line-up sheets and cantor book information needed for each liturgical celebration.

Provide support and encouragement all of the various music ministries for which the Director does not direct.

 Provide musical formation to members of the groups as needed for their individual musical growth and for the improvement of the music produced by the groups for the liturgies.

 Order new and replacement musical resources as needed and as permitted by the budget. Establish and implement a system for the responsible sharing of published music among the different music groups. Maintain all shared musical instruments, sound equipment, and other equipment so that they are in good working condition for use by members of the music ministries and others using those resources.

 Formation and Catechesis

 Promotes and develops a spirit of good liturgy through writing, prayer leadership, hospitality and encourages others to realize their potential for liturgical ministry, creating and promoting an environment in which service in liturgical ministries is experienced as a way to fulfill the mission of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish.

 Provides catechesis to parishioners in matters related to parish liturgical programs and church liturgical practice and provides information to parish organizations in areas dealing with liturgical understanding and planning in the spirit of SS Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal.

 Ensures that appropriate communications are provided in a timely manner for publication in parish and school newsletters, the parish bulletin and on parish websites.

 Keeps up-to-date information on diocesan and deanery programs and workshops and shares with the appropriate ministries.

Keeps informed of developments in sacramental theology, liturgy, music, and the corresponding norms and guidelines through continuing professional formation.

 Maintain memberships in local and national church music organizations for self and others in liturgy and music. Attend workshops and conventions as time and budget permit. Network with local and national Catholic Church musicians.

 Prepares the community to celebrate the liturgy utilizing the richness of the parish's various ethnic traditions.


 Drafts and manages liturgy and music budgets.

Maintain current and updated database of all ministers.

Manage reprint licenses, including reporting usage of copyrighted material.

Ensure that liturgical and music resources are available in the church and the chapel, maintaining their condition and distributing copies to clergy and appropriate staff members.

Maintain office spaces, choir room, storage areas, and files.

Conducts all business with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Other administrative tasks as they develop and as directed by the pastor or his delegate.

 Parish Mission

 In collaboration with the Pastor and all of the members of the parish staff, helps create an environment that will enhance the community's experience of the presence of God and bring about the spreading of the Gospel message. Is guided by the Gospel, the Parish Mission Statement, and the Spirituality of St. Francis De Sales.

 Attends appropriate diocesan liturgical meetings, NPM meetings, enrichment workshops, and conventions. Demonstrates a dedication to professional and spiritual development.

 Provides for one’s own continued growth and understanding of the Salesian Spirituality.

 Performs other tasks that further the objectives and purpose of the position and Our Lady of Good Counsel in its mission to enhance the spirituality and greater good of all.

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