Jan 18, 2023

Records Manager and Child Protection Liaison

  • Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • 8601 Wolftrap Road, Tysons, VA, USA
Full time Admin-Clerical

Job Description


A: Parish Registrations and Records:
• Responsible for processing all parish registrations. Contacts individual/family for clarification(s) as needed and enters all of the information into Parish Data System (PDS) in a timely matter. Creates a welcome letter that is given to the receptionist to mail out with the welcome packet. Notifies the Pastor of any information he may need/want to know about a family (e.g., new school family, etc.).
• Creates, prints and emails the monthly PDS Changes Reports to the Diocesan List Maintenance Coordinator, designated staff, and parish committees. Prints registration forms and family labels for new households and gives to the receptionist to mail out with welcome packet.
• Sends PDS updates to OSV, so that offertory envelope orders are up to date and requests starter envelopes for all new parishioners.
• Manages the filing and organization of all parish family files in the appropriate filing cabinets. Also assists with filing any additional information for families (i.e., deleted members, sacramental certificates, letter notification of leaving the parish, etc.). Staff and volunteers who have signed a confidentiality statement may also assist with filing duties.
• Completes the appropriate sections of the Annual Diocesan Statistics Report in coordination with the Director of Finance and other ministry leaders.

B: Parish Data System (PDS):
• Responsible for accuracy of all information in PDS to include school families. Makes additions and deletions to details as needed, including ID#s, names, addresses, marital statuses, dates, sacramental information, religions, job/school information, and notes.
• Works with Technology Manager to handle any new updates to PDS. Attends PDS conferences as needed to continue ongoing training of programs.
• Assists other staff with PDS as needed, including creating and printing reports, merging data, data entry, etc.
• Annually reviews parish records for deletion, inactivity, and grade promotion of members.
• Conducts a census every two years of the parish families in PDS to maintain accurate data.

C: Sacraments: Coordinates all of the below with the Director of Liturgy
• Responsible for the accuracy of all sacramental records in the sacramental registries, indexes, hard copies, and in the PDS (for sacraments at OLGC or not at OLGC). Records OLGC sacramental information and funerals in PDS, in the appropriate sacramental registry and index, and creates, prints, and mails a hard copy of sacramental certificates to the individuals/families. Files certificate copies in the appropriate family files.
• Creates, prints, and mails all notifications of OLGC sacraments to appropriate Catholic Churches of baptism and records all appropriate notations for those baptized at OLGC.
• Handles requests for sacramental or parish record information by printing, mailing, or faxing certificates or letters, including making appropriate corrections in the sacramental registry, index, and PDS.
• Works with CCF and OLGC School staff to ensure that the sacramental records are correct and complete as much as possible. This includes having open communication (verbal, email, and PDS notes) about the sacramental process prior to as well as after the receiving of sacraments (e.g., emailing CCF and/or school when a child has been baptized Catholic).
• Obtains proper signatures for permission letters and/or dispensations, and creates, prints, and mails the permission letters and/or dispensations, and gives priest copy of forms for the file.
• Responsible for processing all pre-Cana files, which may include the following: recording the information in the marriage registry, index, and in PDS, mailing the certificate, county certificate, an updated registration form, and a congratulations letter to the couple after the wedding, mailing the marriage license (within 5 days of the wedding), mailing notifications to the Catholic Churches of baptism, verifying a marriage at a Protestant church so it can be properly processed and recorded, replying to letters from the Chancery, and filing complete and accurate pre-Cana files.

D: Background Checks as the OCYP Liaison:
• Creates, updates, and supplies all background check information to volunteers and employees.
• Informs employees, volunteers, ministry/group leaders by email of any changes in forms or procedures.
• Completes a weekly review of the volunteers and/or employees in process. If statuses have changed, notifies the supervisor, employee, volunteer, or ministry/group leaders accordingly. Manages the master list of all volunteers and employees (active and inactive) updated at all times.
• Manages the master list for all Silver Knights Enrichment (SKE) employees for all diocesan schools. Point of contact for the SKE for all questions, packets, etc. Create and mail invoices to SKE as needed.
• Responsible for reviewing and updating the quarterly compliance reports from the OCYP website. Email lists of volunteers and employees to the appropriate ministry/group leaders every quarter. Responsible for getting signatures from the Pastor and Principal on the parish and school compliance lists, respectively, and submitting to the OCYP prior to the quarterly due date.
• Knowledgeable about the background check process, procedures, history, purpose, etc., as well as any general information about the VIRTUS Training sessions. Updates manuals for personal knowledge of policies and procedures. Attends all meetings and trainings hosted by OCYP for Child Protection Liaisons.
• Reviews Recertification Estimate Report every quarter and updates master list accordingly.
• Notifies OCYP of inactive volunteers or employees as needed to avoid renewal fees.
• Assists with OCYP audits. Reviews and processes all OCYP invoices and updates master list as needed.
• Assists with the VIRTUS Training sessions that are at OLGC by coordinating with the Events Manager and OPCYP to schedule trainings, create and submit the communications announcements, notifying the ministry/group leaders about upcoming trainings, create and hang door signs, set up yard signs in designated areas, set-up and break-down coffee and snacks, assist Facilitator in purchasing snacks if needed, and attends all training sessions. Assists as notary, reviews forms, provides post-registration information, and general Q&A as training as needed.

E: Miscellaneous:
• Assists with other tasks, as assigned by the Pastor, Director of Communications, or Director of Liturgy.
• Assists parishioners and staff as a licensed notary.

• In collaboration with the Pastor and all of the members of the parish staff, helps create an environment that will enhance the community's experience of the presence of God and bring about the spreading of the Gospel message. Is guided by the Gospel, the Parish Mission Statement, and the Spirituality of Francis de Sales.
• Demonstrates a dedication to professional and spiritual development.
• Provides for one's own continued growth and understanding of the Spirituality of Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal.
• Performs other tasks that further the objectives and purpose of the position and Our Lady of Good Counsel in its mission to enhance the spirituality and greater good of all.
• Conduct all business with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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