Feb 23, 2023

Director for Laity and Family

  • Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg
  • Hybrid
Full time Ministry, Pastoral

Job Description

The Diocese of Harrisburg seeks someone with a desire to help others live the Catholic faith to the fullest, who is interested in strengthening marriage and family life, and wants all people to know the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If this describes you, we invite you to join a mission-oriented team of individuals who work “to proclaim the goodness of God and to make truly present and active the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ to all people through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Specifically, the Secretariat for Catholic Life and Evangelization (CLEV) is seeking a Director for Laity and Family (L&F) who is ready to enrich our team with his or her talents and dedication.

The Director reports to the Secretary of CLEV and will have direct responsibility for formative and supportive programs for laity and family. These areas include marriage enrichment and preparation; ministry to the divorced, separated, and widowed; lay apostolates and lay ecclesial ministries, and the formation in spiritual direction program. This person serves as the main point of contact and support to internal and external organizations, parishes, and ministry offices and provides for strategic planning, implementation, and ongoing development in these areas.

The successful candidate will meet most of the following criteria and is expected to fulfill the responsibilities outlined below.

Required Skills and Abilities

●       A Catholic in good standing, eager to embrace and advance the mission, vision, and values of the Roman Catholic Church, the Diocese of Harrisburg, and CLEV.

●       Motivated by the Catholic mission to reach all people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

●       Leads and follows with charity, humility, courage, and a service-oriented heart.

●       Strategic and organized; has the ability to make plans, follow timelines, and meet deadlines, helping others to do the same.

●       Effective verbal, interpersonal, and written communications skills.

●       Listens with openness, reasons through challenges, shares and responds to ideas and opinions in a spirit of goodwill and generosity.

●       A known collaborator who builds consensus and effectively manages conflict.

●       Intentionally seeks knowledge to benefit others, identifies areas that need support, and responds thoughtfully with practical options.

●       Exercises discretion, confidentiality, diplomacy, and tact.

●       Willing to adapt to new and changing policies, procedures, and technologies.

●       Demonstrates initiative and a spirit of innovation.

●       Flexibility in working with varied projects and constituencies.

●       Has the courage to ask others for help when needed and to offer help proactively when others are in need.

General Responsibilities

●       Develop and supervise diocesan level programs; plan major (diocesan-wide) and regional events; recruit, train, and update volunteers, and support parishes in implementing and sustaining marriage/family/youth programs.

●       Cultivate and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with and among clergy, especially pastors, diocesan and parish staff, lay ministry leaders, parishioners, and volunteers.

●       Cooperate with other diocesan entities on initiatives involving and impacting L&F

●       Drive and support diocesan implementations of relevant USCCB frameworks.

●       Represent the diocese in national & regional L&F organizations & conferences.

●       Monitor operations, events, and activities of L&F-related diocesan councils.

●       Serve as the L&F liaison for vision, strategy, pastoral planning, and hiring.

●       Map and track locations, assigned clergy and personnel, volunteers, programs and initiatives, and resources related to L&F.

●       Promote and support annual retreats, conferences, and celebrations for L&F.

●       Manage and support volunteer efforts in your ministry areas.

●       Promote professionalism and increasing competencies in L&F by developing, providing, or securing opportunities for support, networking, and training.

●       Develop and manage the annual budget for your areas of responsibility.

●       Gather, organize, analyze, and maintain data as may be meaningful to your efforts; make informed decisions and enhancements accordingly.

●       Respond to and appropriately direct requests for assistance addressed to CLEV; field requests intended for your areas of responsibility in a timely manner.

●       Propose, monitor, and manage budgets and resources in your areas of responsibility.

●       Other duties related to advancing the mission, vision, and values of the Secretariat may also be assigned.


Specific Responsibilities

●       Implement the Church’s vision and Diocesan Bishop’s priorities regarding preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage inclusive of both the sacramental and interpersonal dimensions it entails and the lifelong living out of this vocation to unitive and fruitful love as the domestic church.

●       Promote and facilitate opportunities for engaged and married couples to learn NFP; serve as liaison to NFP providers; recruit and train committed Catholic couples as NFP trainers for the parish and deanery levels.

●       Provide and track certification for facilitators of the pre-marriage inventory.

●       Support and encourage ministries to marriages at risk, the separated and divorced, and those who have lost a loved one.

●       Promote the “Co-responsibility” of the laity; cultivate and support adult formation initiatives in parishes and ministries, and among lay organizations.

●       Serve as a liaison for lay organizations and ministries; assist, direct, and provide opportunities for engagement and growth as may be necessary.

●       Assist with the efforts of the Diocesan Formation in Spiritual Direction program.

●       Promote formation and development for parish pastoral councils; train councils using the “One Who Serves” manual.

●       Assist with formation, development, preparation, and facilitation of Diocesan Pastoral Council.


Professional Requirements

●       Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Theological or Pastoral Studies, or related field. (Master’s degree preferred).

●       Strong foundation in Catholic teaching on marriage and family and the human person.

●       Demonstrated leadership and maturity as a ministry professional, preferably in marriage ministry, marriage preparation, and family ministry.

●       Intermediate proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite or Google Suite, web browsers, and other software common to an office environment like email, calendaring, instant messaging, project/event management tools, etc.

●       Experience managing events and programs (preferred)

●       Experience managing volunteers and committees (preferred)

●       Ability to speak Spanish is a plus

The Diocese of Harrisburg has a Catholic population of more than 200,000 souls, encompasses 15 counties in southern and central Pennsylvania, and has 89 parishes, 6 missions, and 36 Catholic Schools.  The Diocese is also home to two basilicas: Sacred Heart Basilica in Conewago, the oldest stone church in use in the United States, and the Basilica of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Danville.

We offer a competitive salary, a generous 401K package and health insurance options, life insurance, and other competitive benefits.

Please send resume & cover letter to employment@hbgdiocese.org

* Mission of the Diocese of Harrisburg, https://www.hbgdiocese.org/about/

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